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Lost in the City Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Player name
Title / main menu
Game mode
Chapter 1
Welcome - objects
Old House - objects
Old House Attic - access code puzzle
Attic - objects using hint
Attic - map for next location
Chapter 4
Fast Food - objects
Fast Food - picture puzzle
Fast Food - bonus map next location
Chapter 5
My Lane - steam
My Lane - bonus code input
My Lane - bonus picture puzzle
VHS: Part 1
VHS-1 - objects
VHS-1 - bonus password puzzle
VHS-2 - objects

Windows version

Enter your name or select what game to load.
Title screen and main menu
Part of the story
Your first note and area
I clicked on he paper so I can read it.
Chapter 2
I found the hammer.
Locked trapdoor
It is dark. I found the light bulb, now I need to use it in a socket.
I found these pieces of paper. I need to assemble them so I can tell what it is saying.
Chapter 3
I found a map. Not to see where to go next.
Steam! I need to yturn it off but the handle is stuck.I need to find the oil can so I can turn off the steam before I pass out.
Viewing a VCR tape, I see they were watching me in my office. I need to find the items at right to proceed.
To get into my computer, I need to enter the new password, based on the I. T. guy's hint.
Egad! They were watching me in my house, too!
Chapter 4
Fast food
VHS tape
Training room