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Lost in Time Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title/Credits Screen
When you draw your mouse pointer top, six icons appear with different ingame options to offer.
When you click on a certain spot, an animation will appear in smaller window.
Save/Load Screen always shows a small image of your current position.
Green arrows mouse pointer is opened for navigation/moving.
This cannon looks brand new... that's 'cos you travelled throught time back to 1840.
Sometimes, you'll be able to check the map of explored places in certain locations.
You must find a way to remove this horse out of the gate entrance in order to enter.
By right-clicking you can check your inventory and use/combine items.
The manor you inherited holds many secrets through past and present.
On top of the lighthouse, hmm... maybe it needs a bulb change.
After a canoe crash, you had to swim to the nearest shore. Hey, whose house is this?
Hmm, maybe this will gimme a hint to who's owner of this cottage.
As you progress, you'll keep the diary on, or you can add some of the stuff you want.
The notes you find, clues you collect, it'll all be added to your notebook automatically.
On CD-ROM version, the game contains speech, and most of conversations with other characters will be here to revise.
Using a telescope, you'll have to check a shipwreck you'll later be onboard in the past.
Inside the mansion.
Captain from 1840 locked you in his chambers for his own 'pleasure' later.
You have to open the closet doors, but first, you must get rid of guarding parrot behind it.