Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Another intro shot
Title screen
Main menu
The RECS course editor
One of three selectable cars: The M200
Esprit Turbo SE
Elan SE
There are six tracks available
Two player split-screen mode
Strong side winds on this course
Race results
Next race loading screen
Driving through the night
Reached first checkpoint
The futuristic course
Entered the Turbo Zone
The road is partially closed

Atari ST version

Title screen
Main menu
New for this game: the Lotus M200
The Esprit Turbo
The Elan SE
Music selection
Next race
Starting in a tunnel
Closing in on a checkpoint
Driving into a tunnel
Out in a turbo zone
The next race begins
Mind the water
The road is terribly narrow
High scores
A two player game

DOS version

Copy protection.
Define your own races.
The Track Constructor
Select Your Car
Select the Background Music
The Track Details
Strong Side Winds
In The Mountains
Futuristic Track
Inside a Tunnel
Turbo Zone
Desert Course.
Night Course.
Watch out for snow hazards.
Snow Course.
Storm Course.
Fog Course.
Freeway Course.
Driving on the wrong side of the road.
Watch out for trucks.
Forest Course.
Logs let your car jump.
Offroad Course.
Marsh Course.
Roadwork Course.
Soundcard selection screen.
Two player mode.
Lotus Elan SE.
Lotus M200.

Genesis version

Developer intro
TItle screen
The RECS course editing screen
The music or sound effects selection screen
The Desert track
Early days on the Wind track
Running low on fuel on the future course
Fog course
Running inside the top 10
Next race
The Motorway track, with 2 lanes of opposite-direction traffic
Race results
Game Over
High scores