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Lunar Ball is a futuristic pool simulation with space age balls and tables. There are 32 different tables set ups to practice your skills on. Unlike normal pool, the tables are designed in several different shapes and sizes, in a miniature golf fashion. You can practice your skills alone or go head to head with another player.

Contributed by koffiepad (10513) on Oct 21, 2005.

This is a futuristic pool game, in which the tables are designed in several different shapes and sizes, with pockets sometimes slightly inwards from the cushion. This makes the game more similar to miniature golf than to a conventional pool game.

The player can set the power of each shot, though not the spin. In the one-player mode, the player must hit a ball into a pocket without missing more than 3 times, or else they will lose a ball in their reserve. If all their balls are lost the game will end. Players can reclaim balls by finishing a table.

Each shot in a row that the player sinks a ball into the pocket will increase their rate. The higher the rate, the faster their score will increase. Missing a shot will reset the rate back all the way down.

There is also a Vs. Comp mode which lets the player compete against a computer player to see who can attain the highest score. A two-player mode lets the player go head to head against another player.

There are 60 different rounds to play through, and also 256 levels of varying friction to try out.

Contributed by jeremy strope (171) on Dec 09, 2002. [revised by : Alaka (75106) and Martin Smith (71452)].