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Lunar: Silver Star Story - Complete Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Intro: Alex
Other guys & girls
I don't remember when it all started...
Talking to an NPC in the game's first town
Inside one of the houses early in the game
In an early dungeon. The bouncing white thing is an enemy; they are not random, as you can see
Early battle
World Map
Glassy dungeon, before reaching mid-game. Nash is trying out his new thunder spell
If I'm not mistaken, these three characters are exclusive to the remake
Mia's magic menu during a mini-boss battle in a very mystical place
You meet one of the dragons you'll have to find on your journey
The magic city of Wane. Enjoying the architecture
Some of the interior locations are uniquely beautiful
Lovely art in a big cathedral you'll come across. Come on, play some Bud Powell on that piano!
Another city, another glimpse of civilization... and hoarding tendencies!
Testing out a new mighty fireball spell on poor unsuspecting ants
Boss battle against the black dragon. His breath is hard to withstand!
Stony dungeon with angry-looking enemies wandering around
The game is full of well-written, cheesy, and occasionally quite amusing dialogue
Just in a few moments you are going to ride that thing... sadly, it's not interactive
Another world - another world map!
Kyle has some powerful sword attacks at his disposal. Here he hits hard some monsters in a mine dungeon
General menu with accessible options
Later in the game Alex will gain access to awesome dragon powers!
Exquisitely colorful location... and a dramatic scene will follow
Disc-changing screen
Relaxing in a tavern: bartender, dancer, guys sipping beer...
Jessica's stats and equipment superimposed on a generic house
A high-level dungeons with different types of monsters acting aggressively
One of the game's quite numerous animated cutscenes. Why do evil women in video games always look sexy?..
High-level battle; Mia is pounding those guys with a freezing spell
No Japanese RPG is complete without psychological, existential dialogues
Boss battle against a recurrent villain
A very mysterious location late in the game
Colorful dungeon with palette-swapping dudes
Over the course of the game you'll discover some optional bromides. This is one of them. Now tell me if this game has replay value in case you didn't get it the first time! :)

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen.

Windows version

Title screen
The journey opens with Alex reminiscing about his hero, the dragonmaster Dyne.
Nall comes to fetch Alex.
The FMVs in this version are really lovely!
Nall reacts to an earthquake - "Whoa!?"
Luna is introduced.
Luna is rightfully ticked off that Alex was hiding his plan to go explore the White Dragon Cave with Ramus.
The party explores the world map for the first time.
Nall wonders how the party is going to get past the block of ice at the entrance to the White Dragon Cave.
The first regular battle - only Ramus equipped a weapon here.
Alex attacks a slime.
The slime hits back!