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Windows 15 4.0
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92 (Feb 07, 2006)
Úrovně hry jsou většinou velmi zajímavé, každá má své výhody a úskalí, ale vždy na vás bude dýchat atmosféra starověkého Egypta. A není to jenom díky úchvatné grafice, ale nemalý podíl na tom má i zvuková stránka hry. Vše je perfektně ozvučeno, nepotkáte žádné hluché místo. Jediné co bych v tomto ohledu vytkl je hudba. Je velice charakteristická pro egyptskou kulturu a dokresluje tu pravou atmosféru, přesto se mi některé části skladeb nelíbily. Co tady dnes máme? Arkádovou a silně návykovou hru s originálním námětem. Jedinou pihou na pěkné tváři je její shareware původ, přesto se budete královsky bavit!
MacintoshMacworld (Jun 13, 2005)
Luxor is the kind of game that you can noodle with for hours between meetings, at lunch, or with the iBook or PowerBook in your lap resting in the living room.
WindowsGameSpot (Jul 25, 2005)
Although Luxor's a fun game with a nice pyramids-and-hieroglyphs theme, its moving turret keeps aiming from being as intuitive as it is in Zuma, and it doesn't make many other meaningful additions to the original. If you've beaten Zuma back-to-front and are looking for a similar challenge, Luxor's a safe bet... But new players should start with Zuma's stone frog, rather than Luxor's scarab.
iPad148apps (Jan 22, 2011)
The trappings surrounding Luxor HD – graphics, sounds, etc – are all well done and as thematically sound as they can be in a game about firing colored marbles at other colored marbles. There are achievements in the game, but oddly there is no integration with Gamecenter or any similar service. This is a very bland PC port given only the slightest upgrade for a touch interface, and things like Gamecenter have become the defacto standard for all games released today.
60 (Apr 10, 2005)
Gra jest fantastyczna, jeśli tylko nie miałeś okazji zagrać w wielokrotnie wspominaną Zume (szybciutko nadrób stratę!) – w takim przypadku do oceny możesz doliczyć 1 punkt. Ci, którzy w nią grali, niech zostaną przy 8/10, z racji tego, że właściwie niewiele się różni, a kto pierwszy, ten lepszy…
iPhoneApp Spy (Aug 19, 2009)
Arcade collectors will have a hard time deciding what marble-popper they'll purchase for their iPhones, but you wouldn't be disappointed with LUXOR. It's production value is strong and the gameplay covers everything you could want from the sub-genre; worth checking out.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Jul 13, 2005)
If you are a big fan of very simple puzzlers like Bejeweled, Luxor might have a place on your hard drive. But there is little that is left to the imagination with Luxor, other than why it costs $20. With other more interesting and creative puzzle games available as shareware on the internet, you'll really have to like mystical balls and winged scarabs to make this game worthwhile.