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Advertising Blurbs - Nintendo 3DS (NES version) (US):
    Fight your way through hordes of enemies to save Marian!

    A group calling themselves the Black Warriors has kidnapped Billy Lee's girlfriend, Marian. They demand to know the secrets of Billy’s martial-arts style in exchange for his girlfriend. However, Billy won’t stand for these underhanded tactics and decides to rescue her himself. Help him fight through city streets, buildings, jungles, temples, and various other locations in a quest to find his girl. He’ll gain experience by using different fighting techniques in order to obtain more hearts, which will unlock more powerful techniques to use against his enemies. Keep an eye out for crates, boulders, whips, bats, knives, and even dynamite along the way, as Billy can also use them to annihilate opponents. Armed with his mysterious and powerful martial arts, help Billy pummel his way through an array of goons, gang members, and other Black Warrior scum to free Marian from their clutches!

    This game is only playable in 2D.

    Contributed by Harmony♡ (20581) on Jul 18, 2016. - Nintendo 3DS (Game Boy version) (US):

    Fight your way through hordes of enemies to save Marian.

    Join Billy as he fights enemies using various punches, kicks and throws, as well as a multitude of different weapons, in order to save his girlfriend, Marian. Many enemies – some with powerful weapons – will try to stop you from reaching the end of each stage, some with powerful weapons to defeat you with, but if you can knock them down, you can make their weapons your own. Various bosses will block your way at the end of each stage, but if you’re strong enough and possess the skills to defeat them, the path to Marian will be cleared for you. Can you defeat your enemies and save your girl?

    This game is only playable in 2D.

    Contributed by Harmony♡ (20581) on Jul 18, 2016.

Back of Box - Sega Master System (Brazil):
    Double Dragon®

    Numa cidade dominada pela
    guerra e pelo crime, vocês precisam
    um do outro para sobreviver.

    Você é Billy Lee e seu irmão
    gêmeo é Jimmy Lee, mas são mais
    conhecidos como "Spike" e
    "the Hammer" Mestres em artes
    marciais, dominam todos os golpes
    mortais. Prepare-se para a grande

    A mais terrível gangue da cidade
    ( os guerreiros negros ) seqüestrou a
    namorada de Jimmy, e está usando-a
    para atraí-lo para seu território.

    Você terá que salvá-la, e para
    isso usará todas as suas habilidades.

    Mas tome muito cuidado
    principalmente com o pior de todos:
    o líder da gangue.

    Para 1 ou 2 jogadores.

    Contributed by chirinea (45593) on May 11, 2009. - Game Boy Advance:
    A global nuclear war has left the world in ruins. There are no laws and no authority to enforce them. It is a world in which violence rules and only the strong survive. Amidst the chaos fierce gangs emerge as the new elite. On the outskirts of town twin brothers Jimmy Lee and Billy Lee contemplate their future in the aftermath of the war. But one day Billy's girlfriend Marian is kidnapped off of the streets and the brothers receive a letter. It reads "we have Marian. If you want to see her again bring us the secret book of Sou-Setsu-Ken by 10 a.m. tomorrow morning." Billy is both angry and confused by the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend. Little does he know that his own brother also has feelings for Marion...

    Contributed by Lampbane (3071) on Jan 13, 2009.

Software Creations website:

    Double Dragon

    FORMAT: Sega Genesis


    • Twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee learned to fight before they could walk. Martial Arts and street smarts carved them into the baddest fighting machines in the big city.

    • But now Billy is faced with his greatest challenge - to save his girlfriend Marian from the evil clutches of the mysterious Shadow Boss and the lethal gang of thugs known as the "Black Warriors".

    • As a master Ninja you'll punch, head-butt and high-kick gutter slime into submission.

    • Knives, whips, baseball bats, rocks, oil drums and dynamite are your weapons. Rat-infested slums, toxic factories and brutal black alleys are your combat zones.

    • The No. 1 arcade smash of all time hits Sega Genesis. Simultaneous two-player arcade action!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76454) on Aug 21, 2008.

Back of Case - Sega Master System (US):

    It's two player Double Dragon for your Sega System, just like the arcade game!

    In a city destroyed by war and crime, you count on each other to survive! You are Billy and Jimmy Lee, the twins they call the Spike and the Hammer. When it comes to martial arts, you're both street lethal. Leaping kicks. Knee smashes. Judo throws. You are the masters.

    Now get ready for the biggest battle of all. The Black Warriors, meanest gang in the city, has kidnapped Jimmy's girlfriend Mary Ann. She's the bait they're using to lure you onto their turf. You're going to get her back...and take care of the Black Warriors' gang once and for all!

    It's going to take every fighting skill you have. And if you make it to the headquarters of the Black Warriors, you'll face the greatest surprise of all, the leader of the gang!

    Contributed by coenak (3607) on Mar 08, 2008. - Game Boy Advance:
    Jimmy and Billy Lee bust out kung fu justice in Double Dragon Advance, an updated remix of an arcade brawling masterpiece.

    Side-scrolling street justice beat-'em-up games may be a relic of the late 80's, but Double Dragon is still as raw and fun as it was 15 years ago. For its GBA debut, Atlus has improved the graphics, added tons of new sucka-crushing moves and weapons, and thrown in some never before seen stages and bosses. Though the game may try to tell a preposterous post-apocalyptic story about global nuclear war, roaming gangs of thugs and a kidnapped girlfriend, Double Dragon is really just about beating fools down. You'll use your fists, bats, chains and anything else you can get your hands on to exact your revenge. Wave after wave of enemies will assail you, but they'll all fall to your epic Kung Fu skills!


    • Game modes include a two player cooperative mode, a single player mode in which you can control both Lee brothers, and a Vs. mode.
    • All new martial art techniques include the rising knee, wall jump, dash punch and more.
    • Enter the Double Dragon Dojo for some Survival mode action and fight as long and hard as you can on a single life.

    During your quest to save your girlfriend and punish the mutant thugs that have taken her, you'll travel to a variety of locations, including a construction yard, a swamp and on top of a moving truck. Each area features a different boss showdown, all of which offer up a unique challenge. At the end of a stage, the story is advanced by a quick cutscene in which a bruised and bloodied boss gives a clue about the girl's whereabouts.

    Bottom Line

    With Double Dragon Advance, Atlus has taken a legendary arcade / NES brawler and made it portable, improved on it in nearly every way and still managed to stay true to its old school spirit. Pummeling thugs never felt so good!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on Dec 27, 2004.

Back Cover - 2600 (US):

    The Black Warriors have kidnapped your best girl. That was their first mistake. Challenging you and your twin brother in martial arts combat will be their second. But these thugs don't play by the rules. Knives, whips, bats, boulders, and dynamite are standard issue with these masters of pain. And their uzi-toting boss doesn't believe in happy endings.

    • 2-player simultaneous action, just like the arcade.
    • The hottest martial arts moves, including skull-cracking punches, flying kicks, and elbow smashes.
    • The best-ever graphics and sound for the Atari.

    (Picture captions)
    • Watch out for Abobo's death grip or he'll toss you like a dinner salad.
    • Williams is a pure 400 hitter. Avoid his lumber or he'll swat your melon into the cheap seats.
    • The final showdown with the deadly Shadow Boss. This sore loser eats guys like you for breakfast.
    • Heaving oil drums is one of Lopar's favorite little games. This is one pass you don't want to catch.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4671) on Mar 03, 2004.

Back of Box - NES:
    Double Dragon is the story of Billy and Jimmy Lee, twin brothers who learned to fight on the cold, tough streets of the city. Their expert knowledge of the martial arts, combined with their street-smarts, has made them both formidable fighting machines.

    But now Billy is faced with his greatest challenge. His girlfriend, Marian, has been kidnapped by the Black Warriors, the savage street gang of the mysterious Shadow Boss! Using whatever weapons come to hand – knives whips, bats, rocks, oil drums, even dynamite – Billy must pursue the gang through the slums, factories and wooded outskirts of the city to reach the hideout for his final confrontation with the Shadow Boss… his brother Jimmy!

    ”Double Dragon has been American’s top arcade hit for the last 4 months of 1987!” - Replay Magazine

    “In the midst of other fighting games, Double Dragon scores above and beyond its competition … Well on its way to becoming a gaming classic!” - U.S. National Video Game Team

    Contributed by Jeanne (76454) on Nov 12, 2002.

Back of Box - DOS:


    Now Double Dragon, the highest acclaimed martial arts game of all time, is available for your computer at home!

    Skillful programming has taken the suberb graphics and addictive game play of the monster Arcade hit and faithfully reproduced it in home computer versions.

    Join in deadly combat with the savage street gang of the infamous Shadow Boss. Use whatever weapons come to hand as you pursue the gang through the slums, factories, and wooded outskirts of the city to reach the Black Warrior hideout, for the final confrontation with the Shadow Boss himself!

    With the features that make the Arcade game great:
  • Offensive and defensive moves, including jump kick, head butt, left-right punch, elbow punch, whirlwind kick, etc.

  • Arcade weapons including: knives, whips, baseball bats, rocks, oil drums, cardboard boxes!

  • Your favorite opponents in hand-to-hand combat, including Williams, Abobo, Willy, and Linda (she wields a mean whip).


    Contributed by Jeanne (76454) on Nov 12, 2002.