Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Screenshots (Lynx)

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Lynx version

Title screen
An orb in the space?
Crashes near a castle?
Epyx were obligued to supply the Lynx with games
Choose your warrior
Doesn't quite suit me...
I think I'll just be myself!
The bottom left box works as a kind of radar
Choose what to do with your item
A key will let you through this door
So many scorpions!
A computer?
We nerds love computers!
Found the exit
The second level has ghosts instead of scorpions
There are a dozen doors between you and the exit
The "radar" uses the Lynx's impressive sprite scaling
On to the third level
This level also has ghosts...
...but other enemies as well
It's a delicius apple, I must eat it
It's a delicious potion, I must quaff it
The computers give you useful advice
The fourth level is filled with frogs
They can even jump over the hedges
Now I'm dead