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Retro Game Reviews (Jul 21, 2015)
While it's more challenging than some other versions Pac-Land's pick-up-and-play nature make it an ideal game for the Atari Lynx. The levels are short so it's never discouraging and there's a good amount of variety in each round to keep things fresh for a while.
If you were a fan of the arcade game, this perfect conversion will be right up your tree-lined avenue. However, the action is a bit samey all the way through, so anyone used to piles of excitement may well be disappointed.
Pac Man's made the transition to the Lynx pretty well. The sprites, though tiny, are full of fun, the parallax scrolling's fine, and all the tunes and jungles you remember are there. The gameplay's a bit dated and perhaps a little too simple for modern tastes, but it's good to see everyone's favourite glutton back on the (very) small screen.
Raze (Sep, 1991)
It is the usual horizontally scrolling Wonder Boy type stuff: creatures, platforms, hidden bonuses, primary colours, etc. The gameplay, though, is difficult enough to keep even the hardened enthusiast intrigued for quite a while. However, this is most certainly the toughest version yet. With just three lives and no continues, I found it hard to complete just one level. May prove too off-putting for most Lynxers.
ReVival (Jun 09, 2006)
Sympathique, relativement bien adapté aux enfants (même si je le répète le jeu n'est pas si facile qu'il en a l'air) PacLand mérite votre attention.
neXGam (2008)
Pac-Land sollte vermutlich im Sinne Ataris eher die jüngere Zielgruppe für den Atari Lynx begeistern. Dies lassen zumindest Grafik, Spielprinzip und Schwierigkeitsgrad schwer vermuten. Definitiv kein Muss für den Lynx, zumal Pac-Land in Deutschland schon zu den eher selteneren Lynx Carts gehört. Wer auf den gelben Pillenfresser nicht verzichten kann oder seine Sammlung unbedingt komplettieren mächte, sollte unbedingt auch die USA und Großbritannien ins Suchgebiet mit einbeziehen.
Pac Land is one of those games that isn't spectacular but not bad either. It is mindless fun where you don't have to think or concentrate on what you're doing. it's a good version for a portable system with decent graphics and control. It kind of grows on you after a while.
Defunct Games (Dec 04, 2005)
Being that this is the first Pac-Man game to ever break the very successful dot-eating-pizza-parlor formula, I have to give it credit, but not too much. Where this game makes up in innovativeness, it fails in everything else. The sound is horrible, and only loops one song taken straight from the TV show. The story is pretty bad as well, being that many other platformers up to this point had already shown what a good 2D story could be like ... I'm looking at you Mario.
Play Time (Nov, 1991)
Der Sound erinnert mehr an den Gameboy (nichts gegen den Gameboy). Die Grafik ist zwar nicht besonders schlecht, aber bei eingehender Betrachtung mag auch keine rechte Freude aufkommen. Kindlichere Gemüter könnten da allerdings anderer Meinung sein, da es sicherlich auch Spaß machen kann durch eine Comiclandschaft zu marschieren und sich von Geistern jagen zu lassen.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 11, 2013)
Pac-Land is a gay romp until you reach the treacherous floating platforms. Some of the logs you hop across are rolling logs, and sadly that's not readily apparent. This is where the controls break down. You tend to run when you want to walk, and walk when you want to run, sending our yellow hero plunging to his death. Pac-Land contains 25 stages and 5 starting points. The gameplay is uneven but overall this is not a bad fit for the Lynx.
Power Play (Aug, 1991)
Pac-Land ist eine Mischung aus viel Jump'n'Run ("Wonderboy") und etwas Pac-Man-Feeling (ab und zu erscheint eine leckere Pille). Leider war das Abenteuer schon in der Spielhalle kein allzu großer Erfolg, und auch die Lynx-Adaption dürfte keine weiten Sprünge machen. Triste Grafik und einfallslose Musik passen sich dem spielerischen Niveau an. Am ehesten werden sich jüngere Lynx-Fans dafür begeistern.
Pac-Land is too simplistic in design for most gamers to find enjoyable. You may find the first level or two mildly entertaining, but after that the lack of variety in gameplay will get to you. Only the most ardent of Pac-Man fans and the youngest of gamers will find this game to be fun.