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Just plain incredible. DOS Tomer Gabel (4643)
False advertizing but good fun! DOS Andrew Mc (2)

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Atari ST Awaiting 5 votes...
DOS 20 3.4
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Combined User Score 20 3.4

Critic Reviews

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Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Mar, 1988)
The graphics and sound are great; solid colourful sprites whiz around very pretty backgrounds in a realistic manner, and there's a reasonable title tune as well as decent speech. As for gameplay, Mach 3 is great fun and very addictive from the start - though it might wear thin after the mad sorcerer's been defeated a few times. This is a fast shoot-'em-up in the best tradition.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Dec, 1987)
Wer nun lange genug aushält, wird einiges an excellenten Bildern sehen. Die Angreifer werden bald zu wilden, wütenden Bestien oder zu Strafen des Himmels (Feuerbälle). Das allein ist schon aufsehenerregend! Bleibt festzustellen, daß sich die Spielinhalte und -ideen stets wiederholen. Die Grafiken dagegen werden allerdings immer besser, nuancenreicher. MACH 3 ist ein gutes Beispiel dafür. Wer noch nichts Gleichwertiges hat sollte beim LORICIELS-Produkt zugreifen!
DOSThe Games Machine (UK) (Mar, 1988)
Though not as colourful or graphically detailed as the Atari ST version, the PC Mach 3 is just as playable. The tune and surprisingly clear speech are good, too, adding to one of the better PC games around.
DOSThe Retro Spirit (Dec 03, 2008)
Selv om DOS-versjonen er grafisk underlegen ATARI ST-versjonen, er likevel animasjonene gode. Flyet der det beveger seg fra venstre til høyre fortoner seg som smøremyke transisjoner i en simulator med stor underholdningsverdi. «Mach 3» er et av de typen spill du kan nyte i lunsjen på jobb, uten å måtte huske historie, karakterer eller tastetrykkombinasjoner. Ettersom spillet makeløst nok også har støtte for joystick, finnes det ingen unnskyldninger for at du ikke skal plassere stumpen i cockpit og denge avgårde i god gammel CGA-stil. Kanskje er du klarer å skrape sammen nok poeng for ny høyscore? Anbefales!
Although it impresses with its graphics, Mach 3 fails to really grip as a game, the action is too repetitive, and the challenge not quite tough enough or interesting enough. Atari ST Version: The highlight of the ST Mach 3 is undoubtedly the digitised speech oh what Loriciels claim is a lass from the Folie Bergeres. When you get a High Score she congratulates you with an ecstatic "Oh, boy!", so it's one game in which you might be tempted to try for points rather than progress. Graphics are very neat, but there are some annoyances in the gameplay - in particular the often unavoidable comets.
Although it impresses with its graphics, Mach 3 fails to really grip as a game, the action is too repetitive, and the challenge not quite tough enough or interesting enough. Amstrad Version: Graphics consist of rather murky purples and yellows, and Gwendoline doesn't, of course, chat you up - but it's still pretty playable and those comets behave themselves better than on the ST version.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Mar, 1988)
I played the game for several hours without destroying Sfax but I did get the impression that it would not take me that long if I really put my mind to it. A very strong shoot-'em-up without doubt - but I for one would feel a lot happier buying it without such a hefty price tag.
AmigaCommodore User (May, 1988)
The scrolling is pathetic for an Amiga. It jerks perceptibly and really spoils the first impression. Firepower is also very irritating. The bullets always fly to the centre of the playing area, no matter what your position or facing is. The lasers overheat amazingly quickly too, so dodging is really the key to getting anywhere in the game. Still, these points are just minor nits, and I am not one to nit pick. Mach 3 is an average game and not one to go hunting for. Wait until someone sticks it on a compilation.