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Mach 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen.
Starting a new game.
Blasting a ship out of the sky.
Shooting more incoming ships.
Destroyed by attackers!
The ground features various objects.
Your ship can move close to the ground or high in the sky.
Game over.
High score.

Amstrad CPC version

Title Screen
Welcome Message
Starting Position (Day)...
Enemy Ship in sight (Day)...
Your ship was destroyed (Day)...
Destroying enemy ship (Night)...
Flying under the archway (Day)...
The ground bomb was exploded...Your ship was influenced by that (Night)...
Bombardment (Night)...
Game Over...

Atari ST version

First Level

DOS version

Title Screen 1
Title Screen 2
Go trough the tunnels for extra's
Kick the bad guy's ass!
Those puffs of volcanic vapor will do you harm.
Taking a hit - head on!
Crashing and burning.
Avoiding meteor showers.
Game Over!
My High (low) Score. Too bad there's no high-score table.

MSX version

Title screen
Shoot the fighter space ships
Mind the obstacles!
Meteors! Danger!

ZX Spectrum version

Splash screen: displays very briefly as the game starts to load
Start of game screen. You are also returned here when each game ends
We're off! The landscape does not change much in the early stages which is all I was able to play.
Alien ship ahead. The controls are basic, left/right/up/down and shoot
Got it.
Something got me! Either an alien ship or a fireball, not sure which
You can go really low. It's also possible to go so high or far to left/right that you're virtually off the screen
You need to go really low to get under the gates.... or you can wimp out
Either way works
When alien ships are dead ahead they can be hard to see so keep shooting
Whether the scenery changes if you play long enough I can't say 'coz I never lasted that long