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Combined User Score 12 2.8

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NESTilt (Dec, 1987)
A n'en pas douter, Mac Rider est une des meilleures cartouches pour console Nintendo.
La simulation est rapide, vive, alerte, les animations sont très réalistes. On s'amuse énormément. Un seul regret, les graphismes sont assez décevants et les couleurs sont ternes ; Dommage.
75 (Aug, 2012)
As ground-breaking as Mach Rider probably felt in 1985, with its behind-the-cyclist view-point, impressive graphics, and surprisingly fast sense-of-speed, Excitebike– two-dimensional cartoony cycling at its arguable finest – has all but eclipsed Mach Rider in Nintendo aficionado’s minds.
Once you get over the initial embarrassment caused by crashing into everything, precise control comes quite easily, and this is due to a certain amount of help from the computer. It leans you into the bends and doesn't overreact when you do. It may not sustain interest after you've got well up in the levels, but designing your own tracks will take up time in the future.
Timed race modes are available to the player to dabble in, both with and without enemies, and there’s also a design mode to create your own race.
WiiIGN (Jul 17, 2007)
Nintendo's one-shot, no-sequel releases from yesteryear might not be as well known as those games that are part of long-running franchise series, but many of them are home to some of the company's most interesting and unique ideas. Playing as a lone rider on a gun-equipped motorcycle in a post-apocalyptic future is a great scenario, and one you might not expect from Nintendo – so it's refreshing from a creative standpoint, even at the same time as it's not all that spectacular in its visuals or sound design. Fans of the original NES release should definitely invest the 500 Points here to own the superior, save-system-activated edition of the game. Others can ride on past without downloading, but should pause a moment to give a tip of the helmet to the Big N's forgotten biker hero.
NESVideoGame (Jun, 1991)
Todas as emoções de pilotar uma moto em altíssimas velocidades estão presentes neste game.
Having said that, Mach Rider isn't totally dire - it just isn't good enough to justify the massive £30 price tag. The gameplay is fun for a while, but doesn't hold your attention long enough.
50 (UK) (May 25, 2007)
The one (almost) saving grace is a course designer, which is actually quite clever and advanced for its vintage. Admittedly, the complete lack of instructions doesn't help - leaving you to work out how to select and place track pieces - but the game is smart enough to only offer pieces that will join up to wherever the cursor lies, so your creation is guaranteed to at least fit together. You can also - finally - save your design, something that was never possible in the past unless you had the Famicom Data Recorder, which never reached European shores. However, even with the inclusion of the dinky designer, Mach Rider is a game of limited entertainment.
NESPower Play (Sep, 1988)
Actionreiches Motorrad-Rennen mit Strecken-Editor. Gegner und Hindernisse kann man abschießen. Schlichte, aber schnelle 3D-Grafik.
WiiNintendo Life (May 26, 2007)
Mach Rider is by no means a bad game and it does have some nice ideas. It just doesn't have that spark to make it stand out from the rest. On the whole it is a pretty bland experience and probably only worth downloading if you are really curious, or enjoyed it back in the days.
NESRetro Game Reviews (Jul 16, 2018)
Mach Rider is an innovative title that tries to combine several genres, but shamefully fails to master even a single one of them. The controls, racing and combat are littered with rampant programming issues and the feeling of never being in control is tough to ignore in a game that requires razor-sharp accuracy.
WiiGameSpot (Aug 09, 2007)
Ironically, Nintendo did patch the track editor in the Virtual Console version to allow people to save their custom tracks to the Wii's system memory. That's great, but the game's biggest problem never was that its main mode lasted only 10 courses or that its endurance and solo modes were simply glorified time trials. The game's problem is that its crummy frame rate and slacker collision render it nigh unplayable. Nintendo didn't fix those issues, and so, apart from its historical significance, there's no way to justify wasting 500 Wii points ($5) to download the NES version of Mach Rider from the Wii's Virtual Console shop.