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iPadSlide to Play (Sep 12, 2011)
An absolutely brilliant take on the classic point and click adventure plot, with enchanting visuals and sounds, and a plethora of unique challenges that are sure to bend your mind.
iPadTouch Arcade (Sep 26, 2011)
Everything else in the game is beautifully realized. The puzzles, full of circuitboards, waterworks, and mechanical tinkering; the protagonist's evocative animation; the mournful soundtrack -- all of these things exist to sell the idea that a world populated entirely by robots could be plausible, and that this particular robot has something important to contribute to it. Nevertheless, there are several moments -- even after you discover the game's central conflict -- that are aren't necessarily tethered to any kind of narrative or in-game logic: puzzles are solved because they simply exist, not because it's clear that they somehow contribute to one robot's quest to save his city from ... well, bullies.
WindowsGame Shark (Jan 07, 2010)
Aside from the lameness of the tutorial minigame and the occasional obtuse puzzle, this is indie gold. A fantastic, rewarding, deeply satisfying adventure with one of the most beautiful game worlds you’ll see this side of a team Ico game; it’s a rare must-play.
MacintoshMacworld (Feb 08, 2010)
If your idea of gaming is a leisurely session of puzzle solving, and if you admire beautiful, hand-drawn backgrounds, then prepare to be delighted. Machinarium is a cute and crafty adventure, with none of the violence or button-pummelling required of first-person shooters.
WindowsJust Adventure (Dec 18, 2009)
This is a Flash game, which means the graphics are simple and low-tech, but they are beautifully crafted and very easy on the eyes. The musical score is unusual and evocative, and the sound design is full of nice little details. These three elements -- visual design, sound design and music – create a surpringly engaging atmosphere. It’s all very moody and melancholy, but you won’t stop rooting for your plucky little hero. In fact, the whole affair is pleasantly reminiscent of a classic silent Buster Keaton movie, as you and your plucky hero battle the odds in search of true love. This is a very modest game with big ambitions. I don’t think I’ve played a game since Portal with so few things to complain about. It costs $20 and you should be playing it right now. You can download it from the company’s website listed above. Enjoy!
WindowsThe A.V. Club (Oct 26, 2009)
The only serious limitation here is tied to the game’s Flash chassis. The right-click action has long been a staple of adventure gaming, to cancel actions and deselect items. That isn’t an option in Flash; it only brings up an ugly, intrusive menu. Furthermore, Flash may freeze briefly, causing you to miss frames of animation. But if Flash is what it takes for Amanita’s Jakub Dvorsky to make an uncompromised creative title on his own terms, the hiccups can be called minor.
WindowsVandal Online (Oct 17, 2009)
Machinarium es una de las propuestas independientes que va más allá: ésas que son juegos firmes, consistentes, bien construidos, que muestran una madurez poco habitual, y que ya no son promesas, sino hechos. Su concepción de la aventura gráfica y del puzle es apasionante para los amantes del género, todo un reto que sabe ofrecer recursos para esos momentos en los que ya no queremos darle más vueltas. Nos regala, además, un apartado artístico envidiable que las grandes compañías deberían mirar para después sonrojarse, y un sorprendente aprovechamiento de sus recursos técnicos. Jugarlo es una delicia para los sentidos, y para la mente, siempre estimulante y preparado para sorprendernos y hacernos sonreír. ¿Con qué más puede soñar un robot?
95 (Oct 29, 2009)
Must have! Собственно, в заголовке этого абзаца вынесен весь смысл сегодняшнего обзора. Пока монстрообразные игровые проекты стараются перещеголять себя крутизной спецэффектов и современных технологий, вбухивая в это десятки миллионы долларов, скромная Amanita Design утерла им нос. Ведь те 7 (!) человек, работавших над Machinarium в очередной раз доказали всем – при творческом подходе и добросовестной реализации можно создать великолепный проект не имея в своем кармане тугих пачек денег. Тем более отрадно, что насладиться этим шедевром смогут практически все пользователи PC, ведь им не придется бежать в магазин за мега-видеокартой или дополнительной планкой ОП.
95 (Oct 17, 2009)
Machinarium è un'esperienza unica, minimalista, ben descritta, carismatica e totalmente coinvolgente. Un titolo che ogni appassionato non deve lasciarsi scappare, che piaccia il genere o no. Dimenticandovi le chiassose sparatorie e i concitati momenti action della maggior parte dei titoli recenti, entrerete in una muta poesia fatta di pochi gesti, semplici sguardi, qualche vignetta che goffamente comunica i pensieri delle strane macchine di cui vi innamorerete. In questo senso il titolo Amanita Design ricorda molto la prima metà del Wall-E di casa Dreamworks. L'attenzione per ogni dettaglio, dalle schermate, alle banali ma così espressive animazioni, alla colonna sonora degna di un LP porteranno la vostra immaginazione in un mondo alieno e ben definito, in cui l'avventura consiste nella curiosità della scoperta del particolare e, infine, nella sensazione di libertà e appagamento che otterrete una volta capite le leggi di questo assurdo e pazzo mondo.
93 / (Oct 30, 2009)
En conclusión, puede que Machinarium no sea perfecto, pero dentro del panorama independiente, es de lo mejorcito de este año, una experiencia casi tan maravillosa como la que encantó a todo el mundo en Braid. Además, es seguramente el mejor juego Flash de la historia. Cierto que es un poco breve (puede completarse en cuatro horas), pero el viaje es algo tan maravilloso, hipnótico, creativo e inteligente que nadie debería perdérselo.
iPadNowGamer (2011)
Whatever your gaming preferences are, there is no doubt that you’ll get great pleasure in playing Machinarium on your iPad; in fact, it feels as if you’ve somehow stolen it from a console or PC. Additionally, being able to carry a game that looks and plays as well as this around with you is not only testament to the power of iOS, but also the developers of Machinarium, who have taken a gorgeous game and made not only a decent mobile port, but also one of the best iOS games around.
MacintoshIndie Game Magazine (May 31, 2010)
As far as point and click adventures go, Machinarium by Amanita Design is a perfect 10 in my book; you can’t get much better. The artwork, puzzles and sound devices create a unique steam punk world to click through on your quest to save Robot city. As for the story, the player takes control of robot that has been cast out from said city and must solve various puzzles to sneak back inside. Once inside, the player has to put together clues and solve puzzles to save his fem-bot and the entire metropolis from some robo-thugs and their bomb. This involves a lot of point and click trial and error and screen exploration. Honestly, I was hooked by the artwork before I even got to the first puzzle.
LinuxIndie Game Magazine (May 31, 2010)
As far as point and click adventures go, Machinarium by Amanita Design is a perfect 10 in my book; you can’t get much better. The artwork, puzzles and sound devices create a unique steam punk world to click through on your quest to save Robot city. As for the story, the player takes control of robot that has been cast out from said city and must solve various puzzles to sneak back inside. Once inside, the player has to put together clues and solve puzzles to save his fem-bot and the entire metropolis from some robo-thugs and their bomb. This involves a lot of point and click trial and error and screen exploration. Honestly, I was hooked by the artwork before I even got to the first puzzle.
WindowsIndie Game Magazine (May 31, 2010)
As far as point and click adventures go, Machinarium by Amanita Design is a perfect 10 in my book; you can’t get much better. The artwork, puzzles and sound devices create a unique steam punk world to click through on your quest to save Robot city. As for the story, the player takes control of robot that has been cast out from said city and must solve various puzzles to sneak back inside. Once inside, the player has to put together clues and solve puzzles to save his fem-bot and the entire metropolis from some robo-thugs and their bomb. This involves a lot of point and click trial and error and screen exploration. Honestly, I was hooked by the artwork before I even got to the first puzzle.
WindowsAdventure's Planet (Oct 12, 2009)
Machinarium è una gradita conferma del talento dei ragazzi della software house di Praga. L’estrema cura di ogni singolo aspetto del gioco, la simpatia dei personaggi e alcune citazioni della storia dei videogiochi (oltre ad un piacevolissimo easter egg “samorostiano”) lo rendono eccellente sotto tutti i punti di vista e piacevole e appassionante sia per chi vuole scervellarsi sia per chi è meno ferrato sugli enigmi più ostici, grazie all’ottima trovata della soluzione sbloccabile.
WindowsGirl Gamers UK (Oct 19, 2009)
Graphically I was overwhelmed with its clearly illustrated drawings that define computer graphics so well. I felt I had unearthed a world that time had forgotten and each time being absorbed in its beautiful backdrops. Clearly this is a game that has been developed and designed so greatly and is highly entertaining. Never did I feel that I wanted to give up without a fight. Staring at the screen for signs or a clear indication for the puzzles to make sense. Constantly racking my brain to gather logical or lateral thinking in a seemingly deep and comprehensive game. Whether you like point and click adventures or not, I can say without a doubt that it's been one of the most enjoyable and entertaining games I've played in a long time on the PC. Look past the puzzles, the graphics and you'll find a beautifully defined game that sets the level of understanding of an irresistible robot who's one goal is to rescue his girlfriend and return to the metallic city that once had been his home.
WindowsPCActu (Oct 12, 2009)
Financé par le propre moyen de ses sept développeurs, Machinarium est surprenant de qualité. Vous y incarnez un petit robot dont le sort semble s'être acharné dessus. Malgré tout, grâce à votre aide il parviendra à retrouver sa bien aimée et partir loin, très loin des ennuis. A travers des décors splendides et une bande son exceptionnelle, les aventures de ce gringalet d'androïde vous séduiront peu importe votre âge, sexe et confession. De plus, aucun dialogue rébarbatif ne vient freiner le gameplay et de sympathiques mini-jeux viennent dynamiser l'action de temps à autres. Seul bémol, l'aventure peut être finie en moins d'une dizaine d'heures, mais pour l'équivalent de 15€, cet épisode robotique en vaut la chandelle ! A son terme, votre seule envie sera d'appeler les messieurs de chez Amanita Design et leur implorer une suite, et plus longue, quitte à payer le plein tarif.
90 (Sep 21, 2011)
A meno che non odiate le avventure grafiche, i robot un po' sfigati o non sopportiate di avere alcune imperfezioni in termini di interazioni, Machinarium è un titolo da provare a tutti i costi. Meraviglioso da vedere e sentire, offre un livello di sfida impegnativo e parecchia varietà al punto da diventare uno dei migliori esponenti del genere tra quelli usciti negli ultimi anni. A quattro euro non ci sono ragioni per sconsigliarne l'acquisto e gli indecisi possono dargli un primo sguardo grazie alla demo giocabile via browser.
iPadPocket Gamer UK (Sep 08, 2011)
Machinarium is irresistible - a splendid little point-and-click adventure bolstered by a truly artful sense of character, storytelling, and world design.
90 (Oct 23, 2009)
Machinarium es un reflejo de que, en el fondo, lo que ha provocado la caída en desgracia de las aventuras gráficas no ha sido una cuestión simple de hábitos del jugador o el paso a las tres dimensiones. Amanita ha creado esta obra, más incluso que en las anteriores, poniendo mimo en cada mínimo detalle, sumiéndonos en un mundo de un encanto inexplicable y dejando un poso en el jugador como hacía tiempo que no se veía. No supone un salto adelante excesivamente grande con respecto a títulos de hace casi una década, pero tal vez fuera necesario una pequeña marcha atrás para volver a cautivarnos con el espíritu de las grandes aventuras.
WindowsTotal PC Gaming (2009)
It's rare that a brand new point-and-click adventure blows us away but Machinarium is imaginative and memorable.
WindowsGameZebo (Dec 03, 2009)
Though I wish the game could have been longer, Machinarium's stunning visuals, creativity and attention to detail more than make up for it. There is no excuse for adventure game fans not to pick this up.
90 (Nov 05, 2009)
A point-and-click adventure is about surmounting elaborate riddles in order to reach your final goal. Machinarium wants to tell you a story, it needs you to eek your way through it, and the artists have clearly sweated buckets of WD40 in creating a world originally brilliant for you to absorb, but it isn't 'free'. Your payment (besides the 11 GBP it costs) is the dying brain cells and droplets of blood forming on your forehead as you ponder another conundrum. But pay gladly my friends, because this is a kind of value you'll rarely see in any world, mechanical or otherwise. Savour it too, because Machinarium will pay you back tenfold.
WindowsGamer Limit (Oct 20, 2009)
There is nothing quite like Machinarium on the market at the moment. Not since The Neverhood, thirteen years ago, have I had my entire outlook on video games turned on its head. And if it’s another thirteen years before a game like Machinarium comes along, then at least I’ll know it was worth the wait.
90 (Oct 15, 2009)
Le rocambolesche avventure di robot nei loro malinconici universi, ci fanno venire in mente l'entusiasmo del villaggio quando arriva il circo, con funamboli, numeri esotici, e stravaganze assortite. Poi il circo chiude, leva le tende, e le persone lì a chiedersi se sia avvenuto tutto per davvero. Machinarium lascia una sensazione simile nel giocatore. E' un'avventura grafica piena di puzzle arzigogolati, spesso difficili, ma che si possono poi sciogliere con un semplice pulsante dei suggerimenti. Come a dire che non bisogna prendere tutto troppo sul serio, che è il godimento della vista e lo spettacolo che contano. Gli Amanita Design sono animatori della scuola ceca infatti, esperti nel tirare i fili dei loro burattini bidimensionali. Accompagnati sottopelle dalle musiche di Tomas Dvorak, abbiamo la possibilità di vivere un'avventura che per stile e atmosfera non ha precedenti; non se cercate nell'universo dei videogiochi.
WindowsMeristation (Oct 21, 2009)
Cuando terminamos la aventura las sensaciones son inmejorables: no sólo hemos asistido a una historia original y divertida, sino también a un título que basa el grueso de su jugabilidad en solucionar puzles combinados con la ciencia ficción robótica al estilo Wall-e sin perder un grosero sentido del humor cuya única explicación posible pasa por verlo con nuestros propios ojos. Puede que algún que otro acertijo sea demasiado rebuscado, que el ritmo de juego sea más lento de lo que podríamos exigir en primera instancia, pero de lo que no cabe duda es que Machinarium entra directamente en la cúspide de los trabajos independientes que, por un módico precio, ofrecen mayores valores de producción que otros videojuegos que exigen un desembolso de dinero desorbitado. En fin, todo un juegazo.
WindowsResolution Magazine (Oct 13, 2009)
I’ve seen a number of people, in hands-on previews or blogs about the demo, saying Machinarium won’t be for everyone. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s precisely because of its abstract feel and rustic charm that everyone simply must play this game. It is nothing short of a miraculous achievement for its tiny independent team, and I cannot wait until Friday when we can all start enthusing about the specifics. For now, if you have even a passing interest in adventure games or the indie scene, take this as the highest of recommendations.
WindowsDestructoid (Oct 19, 2009)
I know I was pretty harsh on the game in our preview a few months ago, but thanks to a new hint system and a few more hours of playtime, I can confidently type the three boldface words that adorn the header of every review I write for a great adventure game that I fear might not sell enough copies to support its developers: BUY THIS GAME.
WindowsAdventure Gamers (Oct 19, 2009)
If I was forced to pick one downside to the game, it's length. Whilst Machinarium isn't scandalously short, clocking in at six to eight hours depending on luck and hint use, it ends astonishingly abruptly. It doesn't feel like it's cut off, just shockingly sudden, and leaves without much resolution or even a lengthy final cutscene. It's a testament to any game's quality when one is left wanting more, but nonetheless, I'd have preferred a stronger climax to what was such a thoroughly impressive adventure to that point. That aside, this is the best time I've had with an adventure game – 2D or 3D, big or small budget – this year. With an original charm all its own, Machinarium is a real winner and an instant classic.
WindowsAdventure Corner (Nov 06, 2009)
'Machinarium' ist ein rundum gelungenes Spiel. Es verbindet Rätsel- und Adventureelemente, wobei der Fokus ganz klar auf den Rätselparts liegt. Sowohl Grafik als auch Sound sind wunderschön und lassen eigentlich kaum etwas zu wünschen übrig. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist anspruchsvoll, so wie es sich für ein Rätselspiel gehört und manche Puzzle sind äußerst kniffelig. Unfair ist das Spiel aber zu keinem Zeitpunkt und mit Geduld und ein wenig um die Ecke denken kann man eigentlich jedes Problem bewältigen und falls mal wirklich Not am Mann ist, dann kann man immer noch auf das integrierte Lösungsbuch zurückgreifen. Einen kleinen Bug den Vollbildmodus betreffend, der die untere Menüleiste mit Lade-und Speicherfunktion abschnürt, wird laut der Entwickler mit dem ersten Patch behoben sein.
89 (Oct 30, 2009)
Der ungewöhnliche Grafikstil hat es mir angetan und die Rätsel haben nicht nur Denkfalten sondern auch das eine oder andere Schmunzeln verursacht. Hier wurde mit einfachsten Mitteln etwas wirklich Nettes geschaffen und dank der minimalistischen Systemanforderungen kann man Josef auch unterwegs am Note- oder Netbook auf seinem Abenteuer begleiten. Amanita beweißt mit Machinarium, dass sie nicht nur nette Mini-Games abliefern können und man darf schon gespannt auf das nächste Projekt der Tschechen sein!
WindowsAdventurearchiv (Nov 14, 2009)
Der Laie staunt, der Experte wundert sich: Kaum eine Spieleschmiede zeigt sich momentan so kreativ bis experimentierfreudig wie Daedalic. Wieder einmal haben sie den richtigen Riecher gehabt, nach Edna bricht aus und The Whispered World mit Machinarium des Herstellers Aminita Design ein komplett anderes, sehr individuelles Spiel im Comic-Bereich zu veröffentlichen. Denn Machinarium unterscheidet sich besonders durch die fehlende Sprachausgabe, die durch in Sprechblasen dargestellte Zeichnungen ersetzt wird von den meisten anderen Comic-Adventures. Und obwohl es sich eigentlich von selbst versteht, beantwortet sich die Frage, ob Computerspiele Kunst sind, bei Machinarium mit seiner gelungenen Umsetzung, eindeutig. So liegt der Schwerpunkt auch weniger auf der Story sondern auf der durch die experimentelle Grafik und Musik erzeugte wunderschön-surrealen Atmosphäre und den einfallsreichen, logischen aber mitunter ganz schön herausfordernden Rätseln.
WindowsGames32 (Nov 03, 2009)
Along with Braid, Machinarium is a good example of modern visual art featuring a playable concept inducing the player a unique state of mind. Its idea, graphics and soundtrack makes it stand in front of todays point'n'click games becoming a cult game which will be studied by many developers for future products. There is no wonder that the game also won the Excellence in Visual Art award at the 12th Annual Independent Games Festival.
Windows3D Juegos (Oct 22, 2009)
Machinarium es una cita obligada para cualquier aficionado hardcore de las aventuras gráficas. Su, en ocasiones, desquiciante nivel de dificultad puede hacernos tirar de los pelos, pero su impecable dirección artística, su deliciosa ambientación y su fantástica música son tres pilares artísticos que completan una jugabilidad maravillosa.
85 (Dec, 2013)
L'histoire d'un petit robot perdu dans un univers Steampunk crayonné, Machinarium c'est aussi côté jeu un point & click fabriqué de petites énigmes jamais trop farfelues et bien amenées. Caractérisé par une créativité débordante, il est aussi un fabuleux vecteur d'émotions.
LinuxSoftpedia (Dec 18, 2012)
Machinarium is without a doubt an amazing experience, for veteran gamers and beginners alike. It features a great story and likable characters, all told without a single word. If this is not great entertainment, nothing is.
WindowsIndius (Jan 11, 2012)
Si vous aimez les jeux indépendants, ceux qui procurent une expérience unique à la manière de Braid ou Limbo, vous accrocherez forcément au charme de Machinarium. Que vous soyez un hardcore-gamer ou un casual, le titre fait preuve d'une étonnante simplicité de prise en main. Œuvre d'art, osons-le, est le mot pour le décrire.
WindowsJeuxActu (Jun 11, 2010)
Avec cette version boîte bien garnie et vendue à prix raisonnable, Machinarium est plus que jamais un indispensable pour tous les amateurs de jeux d'aventure, et même pour les autres. Les bonus de qualité (un poster, le CD audio de l'excellente bande-son et la version complète de Samorost 2) ne font que renforcer le plaisir que l'on éprouve à parcourir ce magnifique jeu. Malin et poétique à souhait, magnifique même si réalisé en Flash, le titre d'Amanita Design rejoint World of Goo et Braid au panthéon des meilleurs jeux indépendants de ces dernières années. Et prouve, une fois de plus, que l'âge d'or du jeu d'aventures n'appartient pas forcément au passé.
iPadIGN (Sep 14, 2011)
Machinarium is a must-play for point-and-click fans. It hearkens back to the early days of the genre with a brutal level of difficulty that will keep you puzzled for hours. This difficulty is also the game's weakness, though, and some players will be frustrated when they just want to explore this fascinating world. But Machinarium is visually stunning, has some incredible audio, and is surprisingly emotional.
85 (Oct 20, 2009)
Si vous aimez les jeux vidéo pour les émotions qu'ils peuvent apporter, pour découvrir de nouveaux univers, pour vibrer devant des décors irréels, pour laisser votre esprit vagabonder, emporté par une musique onirique, alors ne passez pas à côté de Machinarium. Plus qu'un simple jeu d'aventure, le nouveau titre d'Amanita Design est un émerveillement de tous les instants tant il déborde de créativité. Bref, c'est une expérience unique, qui ne se raconte pas, qui se vit, tout simplement, le temps d'un court, mais magique, instant.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Nov 27, 2009)
Grappig, charmant, moeilijk, mooi en surrealistisch: Machinarium is een bijzondere ervaring en een dijk van een spel.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Nov 10, 2009)
Юмор в красках вышел интернациональным и доступным. Бродить по угрюмому с виду городу теперь можно в свое удовольствие, благо, Amanita избавилась от схемы «одна локация на один укус». Полноценная, «взрослая» адвенчура. Пошатаешься чуток — и проникнешься нелепой архитектурой. Кривые башенки, уютные теплицы, тюрьмы… Мягкий chill-out помогает расслабиться и забыться на пару вечеров.
WindowsAdventure-Treff (Nov 05, 2009)
Machinarium ist ein tolles Spiel geworden, das besonders unter künstlerischen Gesichtspunkten überzeugen kann und gerade Liebhabern hochwertig animierter 2D-Spiele zusagen dürfte. Wer dann zusätzlich noch einen Hang zu Knobelrätseln hat und sich nicht scheut notfalls etwas länger über einem Puzzle zu brüten, der wird sich auch spielerisch angenehm gefordert fühlen und darf sich darüber hinaus währenddessen von einem recht umfang- und abwechslungsreichen sowie stimmigen Soundtrack berieseln lassen.
82 (Nov 13, 2009)
Machinarium zeigt, was für ein vergleichsweise unbekanntes Studio alles möglich ist, wenn man seiner kreativen Linie treu bleibt und eigene Welten schafft: So klein und unbedeutend wie der Roboter am Anfang ist, so mausert er sich doch zum Retter der Stadt. Genau so entwickelt sich auch das Spiel, das vor der Stadt noch unspektakulär beginnt, zum ausgewachsenen Adventure, das sogar Genrefans ins Schwitzen bringt. Alles ist liebevoll gemacht: Die Akteure, die Umgebung und der Hintergrund. So wirkt die Stadt trotz bescheidener Mittel lebendiger als so manche große Produktion - vor allem, weil man hier eine Seele entdeckt. Man trifft auf Roboter, die melancholisch und vom Leben gezeichnet sind und bisweilen sogar Böses im Schilde führen. Jeder will etwas von Josef, der einem Raum für Raum mehr ans Herz wächst. Er ist kein Waffenroboter, sondern gelangt mit friedlichen Mittel ans Ziel.
WindowsAdventures United (Nov 16, 2009)
Machinarium ist ein ansprechend gemachtes und unterhaltsames Spiel, das seinen Schwerpunkt klar auf Puzzles legt. Trotzdem ist der Anteil von Interaktionsmöglichkeiten und adventuretypischen Elementen so hoch, dass man dieses Spiel eindeutig dem Adventuregenre zuordnen kann. Die Story rund um den kleinen Roboter Josef, der in der Maschinenstadt seine Freundin befreien muss und dabei einem geplanten Bombenanschlag auf den Turm des Bürgermeisters auf die Spur kommt, ist eher einfach gestrickt und bietet keine Überraschungen. Trotzdem ist das Spiel mit seinem phantasievollen Setting originell und kann den Spieler begeistern. Schnell entsteht auch eine emotionale Bindung zum Roboter Josef. Die handgezeichneten Hintergründe und Animationen sind sehr detailreich und liebevoll gestaltet. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad liegt im Bereich mittelschwer bis teilweise eher kniffelig. Die Spieldauer liegt etwas bei 7-10 Stunden beim ersten Durchspielen. Technisch lief das Spiel absolut einwandfrei.
WindowsIGN (Oct 20, 2009)
Machinarium is a must-play for point-and-click fans. It hearkens back to the early days of the genre with a brutal level of difficulty that will keep you puzzled for hours. This difficulty is also the game's weakness, though, and some players will be frustrated when they just want to explore this fascinating world. But it is visually stunning, has some of the best audio you'll ever hear in a game, and is surprisingly emotional. Just come ready for a challenge.
PlayStation 3Alternative Magazine Online (Oct 04, 2012)
Amanita Design has described this version of Machinarium as the “ultimate version” of the game. Using a gamepad will never replace mouse controls of course, but the PlayStation 3 exclusive zoom feature is superb and actually adds to the experience of playing. So, is Machinarium (PSN) better than the PC person? Not quite – but it can certainly be considered its equal and offers the perfect opportunity for PlayStation 3 gamers to discover what all the fuss is about. Machinarium is still a great indie adventure game three years after release and should not be missed by point-and-click fans, whether they prefer gaming with a gamepad or mouse.
80 (2010)
Machinarium est un jeu unique. Il dégage un charme évident, des tableaux relativement intéressants à parcourir, et surtout un graphisme séduisant.
iPadModojo (Sep 28, 2011)
Complimenting the gameplay is a sweet presentation that sucks you into the world. Attractive hand drawn graphics feature twisted scrap heaps, cool looking contraptions and droids of all shapes and sizes. The soothing mood music, meanwhile, helps put you at ease. That said, everything seems a bit too far away. The game definitely needs the iPad's familiar "pinch" option to enlarge portions of the screen. On top of that, the game's iPad 2 only, which is a bit perplexing, since it doesn't appear to tax the hardware. Thankfully, Amanita Design clearly states this on the game's page. Those issues aside, Machinarium is another welcome addition to the App Store and a must play for those who enjoy this sort of thing. Just do your best to avoid asking for hints.
Véritable roman graphique, Machinarium est un excellent point and click, doté il est vrai de difficiles énigmes. Mais tout amateur de point and click ne devra pas passer à côté de cette trépidante aventure sous peine de le regretter amèrement. Un jeu d’aventure incontournable .
iPad148apps (Sep 16, 2011)
Machinarium is a stunning game. Working just as naturally on the iPad as it did on the PC, it’s the kind of flawless experience that all point and click fans should check out immediately. They won’t be disappointed by any means.
WindowsAdventure Classic Gaming (Feb 07, 2011)
While Machinarium suffers from any real narrative drive and the occasional design hiccup, it flies a long way on its charm, atmosphere, and simplicity. You want the robot to succeed, even if you are unsure of what success your endeavor will bring. In the end, sometimes less is more, and in this case, it is something worth checking out.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Oct 27, 2009)
Liebe Leser, ich gebe Ihnen einen Rat. Ignorieren Sie alle Kritikpunkte, die ich im Test dargelegt habe, und spielen Sie Machinarium! Schließlich wollen wir alle, dass Spiele eines Tages zum gesellschaftlich anerkannten Kulturgut werden. Computerspiele sollen und müssen endlich erwachsen werden (bitte nicht verwechseln mit Spielen »für Erwachsene«!). Machinarium bringt uns diesem Ziel näher. Wer also nur einen Funken Interesse daran hat, Computerspiele wirklich weiterentwickelt zu sehen (und dabei viel Spaß zu haben), anstatt stets den x-ten Serienaufguss vorgesetzt zu bekommen, der muss innovative Produkte wie Machinarium unterstützen. Am Ende profitieren wir alle davon.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Nov 25, 2009)
Overall, Machinarium is worth a purchase. Adventure games of this quality don't come along very often, and, aside from the monotonous movement, it's well worth the price. It's a little short, but you'll enjoy yourself the entire time.
WindowsGameSpot (Nov 09, 2009)
Those quibbles are small blemishes in an inventive and endearing adventure that will have you rooting for the good guy and sneering at the bullies that have caused him so much trouble and heartache. Machinarium, much like its personable protagonist, has a big heart and a plucky attitude that will win you over. Like the best games in the genre, it will excite your eyes and ears, but more importantly, it will stimulate your psyche.
WindowsGamersGlobal (Oct 21, 2009)
Wir können nur jedem Adventure-Fan empfehlen, einen genauen Blick auf Machinarium zu werfen. Auch wenn die ersten Bilder einen falschen Eindruck vermitteln können, dieses Spiel ist etwas für Rätselfreunde aller Altersklassen, Kinder ausgenommen - für die ist es zu knifflig. Insbesondere diejenigen Spieler, die ihren Fokus nicht unbedingt auf eine ausgefeilte Rahmenhandlung legen, sondern lieber stundenlang an einzelnen Rätseln brüten, werden sehr angenehm überrascht sein.
WindowsEdge (Oct 15, 2009)
The point-and-click may stagger on, but its best years were in a time when the ambitions for interaction were hugely limited. The RPG has superseded its potential for storytelling and the dynamism of games like Scribblenauts threatens to send inventory-matching mechanics to the scrap heap. Whether the genre's return to consoles and computers is a resurgence or last hurrah, in Machinarium, Amanita Design has hammered together the parts that are in best working condition. With such crafty construction, Machinarium proves that there's life in the old ticker yet.
80 (UK) (Oct 15, 2009)
Machinarium is a treat for the senses that demands more of your brain, a paradoxically gentle yet punishing riff on a genre that, until now, had been revived but sadly defanged for modern players.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Oct 28, 2009)
Machinarium hat fast alles, um einen Adventure-Fan tüchtig zu verzaubern: originelle Puzzles, liebevolle Grafik und einen netten Helden. Doch manche Rätsel fand ich eben doch eine Spur zu knackig. Genau dann fehlten mir Hinweise, Denkanstöße, die mich auf die richtige Spur bringen. Sicher, es gibt eine ins Spiel integrierte Rätselhilfe, doch die halte ich für keine gute Wahl: Sie spoilert mir zu viel – ich will Tipps, keine Komplettlösung! – und ist hinter einem blöden Minispiel verborgen. Schade! Denn im Grunde ist Machinarium für mich ein kleiner, feiner Adventure-Geheimtipp.
WindowsGameBoomers (Oct, 2009)
Overall, a game for anyone with a penchant for problem pondering and a love of the unusual.
74 (Sep 21, 2011)
Das hat der kleine Josef nicht verdient: Schade, dass ausgerechnet ein derart charmantes Adventure wie Machinarium keine fehlerfreie mobile Umsetzung bekommt – und dass Besitzer des ersten iPad gleich ganz außen vor bleiben. Die wunderhübsch verschnörkelten Blech-Kulissen passen prima zum Tablet-Bildschirm, doch leider flutscht das Antippen der Gegenstände nicht ganz so problemlos wie mit der Maus. Auch ein paar kleine Bugs zehren an den Nerven: Zu Beginn wussten wir mitunter nicht, ob die Entwickler etwas geändert haben oder uns ein Fehler am Antippen eines Gegenstandes hindert. Wenn man sich davon nicht abschrecken lässt, entfaltet das Spiel aber trotzdem noch fast die gleiche Faszination wie vorm PC: Es ist unheimlich entspannend und faszinierend, durch die skurrile Welt zu stapfen, während einem der kleine Protagonist mehr und mehr ans Herz wächst.
iPadGamekult (Sep 12, 2011)
Bien entendu, pour les joueurs qui ont d'ores et déjà vécu cette aventure depuis 2009, il n'y a pas énormément d'intérêt à repasser à la caisse pour Machinarium - les point & click étant généralement assez peu rejouables -, mais pour ceux qui ont raté le jeu d'Amanita Design à sa sortie ou lors de son inclusion dans les Humble Indie Bundle vendus à prix choisis sur PC et Mac, cette version tablette est une aubaine.
WindowsGamekult (Oct 20, 2009)
Grâce à son abdomen télescopique, notre adorable protagoniste pourra autant atteindre des objets initialement placés hors de portée que compresser son corps pour se glisser dans les moindres recoins du décor en quête d'indices. Ajoutez à cela une mise en scène très intelligente, une histoire entièrement racontée par de sympathiques saynètes muettes et une bande-son maîtrisée de bout en bout et vous obtenez un titre solide, que certains trouveront peut-être un tout petit peu trop court (environ quatre heures de durée de vie) pour son prix d'environ 17€. Rien qui ne nous empêchera en tout cas d'attendre une suite avec une impatience non dissimulée.
WindowsTeletext (Oct, 2009)
For your money you get an old school graphic adventure which, as today's Inbox points out, is not dissimilar to Axel & Pixel on Xbox Live Arcade. However this game will strain your brain through a very much finer sieve.
And that is really the thing with Machinarium. It does many thing so excellently, appealing to both modern-day casual gamers with its strictly limited number of accessible locations at each time and generally low complexity as well as older players by paying open tribute to classics like Atari Adventure and Space Invaders. Yet, it also exhibits weaknesses which one could have thought had been left behind by the genre decades ago. Think about the hotspot/animation explosion beyond the straight solution path which was Sam & Max. Or Loom which, if you think about it, employed similarly abstract puzzle mechanics in its core, but nevertheless managed to make them appear so logical and seamless.
Xbox OneWay Too Many Games (Apr 28, 2020)
Machinarium may be simple in concept, but just like other point-and-click puzzle games, the solution can be a bit mind bending. I do very much appreciate that there is an option to help you find the solution. No one wants to throw a controller across the room simply because they didn’t think to add a magnet to a fishing rod in order to tank a dog across a river. Although Machinarium is an eleven year old game, it works very well on console and will hopefully open up puzzle games to a new audience while everyone is stuck at home.
WindowsSoftpedia (Feb 19, 2010)
The truth is that the game is, by far, one of the best point and click puzzle games that I've had the pleasure of playing. Still, the brutal puzzles that you will have to face in order to complete the game are more than challenging, but perhaps this is why the game is so much fun to play. There's nothing like the satisfaction of dusting off a few neurons so that you can find the solution to a tricky problem. In all fairness, the game stands as one of the best of its genre and I believe that even those that are not really big fans of point and click adventures won't be disappointed.
MacintoshMacLife (Jan 21, 2010)
Machinarium has everything that made point-and-click adventure games a success in the first place: a charming storyline, melodic music, and skillfully designed aesthetics. The mind-bending puzzles will keep you coming back...unless they break you.
Xbox OneGameplay (Benelux) (Jun 19, 2020)
Machinarium heeft na elf jaar rondzwerven langs zowat alle mogelijke platformen eindelijk zijn weg naar de Xbox One gevonden. En dat is in dit geval geen handicap, want van veroudering is hoegenaamd geen sprake. In dit ongeëvenaard mooi handgetekend point & click avontuur zonder gesproken woorden of geschreven tekst word je als defecte robot op een vuilnisbelt gedumpt, waarna je jezelf weer kan samenstellen en repareren en naar de stad kan trekken voor een wondermooi avontuur. Niet te missen!
PS VitaGameplay (Benelux) (Mar 29, 2013)
PS Vita-fans, juicht, want Machinarium, het wonderbaarlijk mooie point & click adventure van Amanita Design (Botanicula), is net uit in de PS Store. De Vita-versie heeft alle extra voordelen van de PS3-versie (trophies, magnetic hotspots, enz.) en uiteraard ook ondersteuning voor het touchscreen. Een must voor fans van het genre.