Written by  :  Maury Markowitz (251)
Written on  :  Oct 24, 2018
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Excellent, but late to the market

The Good

A-10 is the natural follow-on to Parsoft's earlier Hellcats. Hellcats was graphically amazing, but lacked realistic flight controls and had a hard-coded missions system. A-10 addressed these issues, building what was at that time by far the most realistic flight dynamics system, including solid-body modelling, and combining that with the "VBE" system for plug-in objects and missions.

If you measure A-10 in comparison with Hellcats it is a major success; it fixed the problems in the original producing a simulator that was very realistic while still being easy and fun to fly. But A-10 was also late, by about a year. By the time it was released in 1995, the PC market had surpassed its flat-shaded graphics and it looked very dated. On top of this, the release was so delayed that Apple released their PowerMac machines, and A-10 was dog-slow, leading to yet more delays while this was addressed. On top of all that, the promise of the VBE system was left hanging by the company's failure to release any of its details.

What might have been one of "the greats" was thus forever flawed by its release, and it never had the chance to really shine.

The Bad

The only major problem with A-10 was its lack of missions, as was the case in Hellcats before it. If you were used to something like Red Barron with it's hundreds of missions, A-10 is a serious disappointment.

The Bottom Line

A technical tour-de-force marred by creeping featuritis.