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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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85 (Apr 27, 2010)
Certes, le jeu pourrait paraître assez banal de nos jours. Et pour cause : il a inspiré bon nombre de STR sortis par la suite. Beaucoup lui préféreront le deuxième volet, qui reste tout à fait dans le style tout en proposant des mécanismes plus rodés et plus modernes. Ce premier Age of Empires manque peut-être de maturité, avec quelques soucis de pathfinding et imprécisions dans l'équilibrage. Il n'en est pas moins un titre incontournable, aussi émouvant à retrouver après de longues années que passionnant à découvrir, pour peu qu'on ne craigne pas trop de devoir tout gérer à la main : contrairement aux jeux plus récents, il laisse au joueur le soin de commander chaque élément, sans jamais fournir d'assistance ou d'automatisation de certaines tâches. Mais qu'on se rassure, il reste très abordable et rien que le mode solo promet déjà de nombreuses heures de jeu, même si c'est en multijoueur qu'il déploie son incroyable charme.
Mac Gamer (1999)
"Been there-done that" gameplay and graphics, but I have to admit that it's still a good time, at least for a while. If you are either a hard-core strategy/sim player who at night dreams in Tiberium-colored glasses or a history buff looking for your chance to show the ancients how it should have been done--this game is for you. However, if you are looking for a strategy/sim that pushes the bounds of the genre in new and challenging directions, look elsewhere.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Nov 03, 1999)
Though I am still a relative newbie at RTS games, AoE is challenging and fun. The different methods of playing the game are building your own scenario, playing a redesigned scenario, playing a campaign, or playing a random map. There is even a deathmatch option. No matter which you choose, you are in for a rip roaring good time. I confess to having my doubts at the beginning, but it is an enjoyable game.
Games4Mac (2000)
Dieses Spiel ist, obwohl es von Microsoft kommt, wirklich grossartig. Die Grafik, der Sound, das Gameplay, die Netzwerkoptionen; alles läuft sehr gut und macht dieses Spiel zu einem Unvergesslichen Spaß & Abenteuer. Die einzelnen Animationen und Sounds sind wirklich cool - auch für die heutige Zeit, bzw. für die heutigen Verhältnisse! Age of Empires (kurz: AoE) ist eines der Spiele, die ich auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen würde - auch Heute noch! Nur noch eines: Solltest ihr dieses Game zu tun, vergesst nicht, einmal nach draussen zu gehen, bevor es heisst: "He Leute, kommt raus, es ist Frühling!"
macHOME (Sep, 1999)
Age of Empires is a fun game and very well executed, but due to its lack of consistent challenge, it can leave you feeling lost and lonely after extensive play. While it may be good to leave your audience wanting more at the end in show business, it’s not a good practice in the games industry, because an unfulfilled gamer is not a happy gamer. Still, Age of Empires will keep you addicted to its compelling gameplay right up until the moment you outgrow it.
IGN (Jun 07, 2002)
Age of Empires is a very ambitious game, attempting something that hasn't really been done before. While it succeeds in some respects by providing some unique game play elements, it fails in many of the basics of good game design like unit AI and play balancing. The result is a game that is both fun to play and frustrating at the same time. If you're looking for a fun real time strategy game, Age of Empires fits the bill, but don't expect a well refined sim like Civilization II.
MacReactor (1999)
Age of Empires is not a bad game. But to use its own metaphors, AOE is a Tool Age game with Stone Age unit control and connectivity in an Iron Age world of real-time strategy games. There is much here that is charming and interesting, including AOE’s takes on the rise and fall of historical empires. If the main reason I purchased games was based on their charm, the rating for Age of Empires would be higher. But games are meant to be played, and compared to the even-now bloom-off-the-rose age of Starcraft, Age of Empires makes $40 seem a little steep a price to play for a game that is merely quaint.
AppleLinks.Com (Oct 27, 1999)
Still, this difficulty factor coupled with the amount of time it takes to play out the scenarios means that the game will have a place on your hard drive for a long time to come. Good thing, too, as MacSoft--who are generally very good about bundling the expansion packs in with the first release of the Mac port--left us high and dry this time. They did, however, include a mission editor in case you really want to be God, and with the multiplayer feature, you can take on other gods as well. However, they have to be Mac users; multiplayer games are limited to communication between Macs only.
MacNN (Dec 07, 1999)
Age of Empires is a functional, yet uninspired addition to the Real Time Strategy shelf. Microsoft has managed to borrow tried-and-true features from other games (most notably WarCraft) without adding anything new. Then again, could we really expect anything more?