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Advertising Blurbs (German):

    Über dieses Spiel

    Der Planet Sierra wird von Scarlet attackiert, einer terroristischen Gruppe, die von einer gefährlichen Kreatur namens Xi-Tiger angeführt wird, der die gesamte Menschheit zerstören möchte.
    Mit Vergeltung wird unser Held Epsilon-Eagle gegen Xi-Tiger und die terroristische Organisation kämpfen.

    Contributed by jaXen (242814) on Aug 28, 2017. - Wii:
    As Epsilon-Eagle, you are an alien soldier who has been genetically engineered to produce maximum intelligence and strength. You were once a member of the criminal organization Scarlet, but when you decided to break from the group, you were forced into a showdown with Scarlet’s new leader Xi-Tiger, who kills a hostage in his attempt to destroy you. Now it’s up to you to take revenge against the bad guys in this side-scrolling action game! Choose from six different weapons and battle the bosses of Scarlet until you reach the final confrontation with the ultimate secret weapon!

    Contributed by Victor Vance (10523) on Feb 08, 2015. - Steam game page:
    The planet Sierra is being attacked by Scarlet, a terrorist group lead by a vicious creature named Xi-Tiger who is plotting to destroy the human race. With vengeance, our hero Epsilon-Eagle will fight against Xi-Tiger as well as the terrorist organization that he formerly led.

    Contributed by Titan10 (762) on Jul 10, 2011.