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Electric Playground (Mar 27, 1997)
I liked Angel Devoid. It doesn't have a whole bunch of innovation to offer the world of videogames but it sure does have a very cool style. Probably the strongest attribute that the game possesses is its ambition. We are edging ever so closely to the day when we will be playing real-time 3 dimensional adventure games that feature super high resolution graphics and a seamless integration of live action FMV. Angel Devoid almost delivers a lot of the "dream game" components listed above and the developers must be commended. The acting of the live action characters is a weak element in this title, as it is in most others, but it's plain to see that genuine efforts have been made to raise the bar. I'm hoping Devoid 2 makes the full leap.
Mac Ledge (1996)
Angel Devoid is certainly a huge improvement over past hybrid, live-video based games. The hybrid format does cause the interface to suffer and takes time to get used to. The manual is quite confusing and "hides" important playing information within a story that most won't read unless they need playing instructions. The storyline is fresh and the acting is good, but the scenery is almost a carbon copy of the movie "Blade Runner" and the CD-ROM game "Burn:Cycle." Although the game offers multiple endings, replay value for a game like this is still limited. However, the high quality full-screen video and artwork, coupled with a nice soundtrack and unique interactivity, make AD a believable and impressive adventure.
If you can tolerate the hundreds of times you'll die before even getting halfway through this game, you may have the stamina to finish. The game does give you a choice of three possible endings, which is nice, but you might feel that they are poor payoffs for what the game puts you through to achieve them. Only serious adrenaline junkies need apply.