Atom Zombie Smasher Releases (Macintosh)

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Published by
Blendo Games LLC
Developed by
Blendo Games LLC
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Jan 22, 2011
Release build v1.21
Patch History
Jan 24, 2011
v1.22 - various crash fixes, UI modification to restart a mission easily
Jan 25, 2011
v1.23 - various crash fixes. adds llama bombs, buttons accommodate lower resolutions, adds auto-download for patches
Jan 26, 2011
v1.24 - adds more timescale controls and fixed various crashes
Jan 28, 2011
v1.25 - various crash fixes, adds loading screen for wold generation and "Concede" button to dropdown menu, auto-downloader for patches deactivated
Jan 31, 2011
v1.31 - various crash fixes
Jan 31, 2011
v1.3 - various big fixes, performance improvements and new mod parameters
Feb 02, 2011
v1.32 - unit reset crash fix, vignettes bug fixes, debug menu shortcut added
Feb 03, 2011
v1.33 - various bug fixes, most notably the infantry cloning bug
Feb 07, 2011
v1.34 - various crash fixes and new mod parameters
Feb 09, 2011
v1.41 - various crash fixes, new mod parameters, dead mercs can be upgraded
Feb 10, 2011
v1.42 - adds info viewer for mod manager and alternative spawning game mode
Feb 15, 2011
v1.45 - various UI and mods bug fixes, middle mouse now deselects merc, changed debug menu shortcut, fixed minus key (Mac specific)
Feb 21, 2011
v1.51 - various crash fixes, adds no quarter game mode and sort functions
Feb 22, 2011
v1.52 - various crash fixes, llama pile price adjustment
Feb 24, 2011
v1.55 - various crash fixes, mod rating system added
Mar 06, 2011
v1.6 - various crash fixes and mod improvements
Mar 15, 2011
v1.62 - various crash and achievement fixes, map now scrolls when the mouse cursor is at the screen edge, added option for v-sync
Mar 16, 2011
v1.63 - various bug fixes and debug functions
Mar 20, 2011
v1.65/66 - various bug and crash fixes, adds new mod parameters
Mar 23, 2011
v1.67 - various bug fixes and balance changes, adds Combatant modifier
Mar 24, 2011
v1.69 - various crash fixes
Mar 29, 2011
v1.71 - various bug fixes and new mod parameters
Apr 04, 2011
v1.72 - various crash fixes, bug fixes and mod changes
Apr 11, 2011
v1.73 - various crash fixes and UI improvements
Apr 24, 2011
v1.77 - added Chooser gamemode, various crash and bug fixes
May 02, 2011
v1.79 - various UI improvements and bug fixes
May 08, 2011
v1.81 - various crash fixes; adds behind the scenes, version history and newsletter page
May 16, 2011
v1.82 - various bug fixes and mod changes

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