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    From the back of the box:

    Could YOU solve the earth's environmental problems?

    Finally recognising the gravity of the environmental crisis, the United Nations has appointed you its High Commissioner of the Environment. You have the powers to levy taxes on industry and grant subsidies to a variety of worthwhile activities.
    You must use this power wisely, for you are responsible for all respects of the environmental crisis. You are graded on your ability to balance the world's economic well-being with the vitality of the earth's ecology. If your policies cripple industrial productivity, you will lose just as surely as if the world is destroyed by toxic pollution.

    There are 150 different factors that go into the game: 150 screens, 150 equations, 150 problems. And they are all interrelated. Just like real life.

    - 150 screens detailing environmental issues
    - Simple "hypertext" like browsing capabilities
    - Easy to play, intellectually challenging
    - Detailed reference manual with extensive background information
    - User changeable equations for direct control of the simulation

    BALANCE OF THE PLANET incorporates a vast amount of information about the many problems that make up the global environmental crisis. From acid rain to water pollution, from nuclear accidents to global warming, from consumer goods to starvation -- you'll have a lot of fun as you chart your way through the array of problems and use your newly acquired knowledge to save the planet from destruction.

    Contributed by -Chris (7565) on Oct 15, 2000.