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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Credits


PresidentMark Cottam
Chief Executive OfficerRon Dimant
Technical DirectorMark Dochtermann
Sales ManagerDavid Joost
Production ManagerMatthew Tremblay
Corporate CommunicationsAndrew Hoolan
Creative DirectorJoshua Smith
Special ThanksJason Whong, Diane Zammit


PresidentMark Dochtermann
Chief Executive OfficerRon Dimant
Executive ProducerMichael Donges
Lead ProgrammerChris Jacobson
Additional ProgrammingRebecca Ann Heineman
Additional ArtRichard Cowgill
InstallerJoel Braby
QA LeadGuy Chapman
QADuncan Stanley
TestersNick Alex, Robert Arlauskas, Stephen Banks, Geoffrey Barnett, Michelle Basner, Chris Benham, Pat Boyer, Reuben Brunson III, Brian Carnahan, Brad Chatellier, Brent Childress, Rick Cross, Gordon Delp, Peter Ferioli, Keith Gebhart, Andrew Gillin, William Henderson, Jeffrey Jackson, Jeremiah R. Jones, Steve Kolbe, Alex Lawrence-Richards, Matt Molloy, Sophia Morgan, Chris Morin, Michael Nankervis II, Daniel Naruta, Sean Nesbitt, Jared Norris, Jeff Norsworthy, Andrew J. Paulsen, Melanie Pearson, Jimmy Potter, Eric Reyna, Joe Ruszkiewicz, Lou Scaruffi, Nicholas Srstka, Bruce Strange, Jay Swartzfeger, Brian Thornton, Matthew Wanlin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Guy Chapman (2001)