Blackwell Unbound Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Main title
Main menu
Game options
Gate to the afterlife
Opening credits main title
The story takes place in New York City, 1973
Time for a smoke
New inventory option is to switch between controlling Lauren or Joey
A family photo
To-do list
Joe is the only one who can literally have physical contact with other ghosts
At the construction yard
Guess this resident still thinks the building is still here
Checking the foreman's trailer for clues
Reading a complaint to the foreman
Use the phonebook to search for phone numbers and addresses of people or places you wish to find
Certain people cannot be visited directly but only talked to on the phone
Finding out about the murder of the old lady still haunting the construction yard
The ghost lady and her son
City map
First encounter with the Countess
She's ready to leave this place
That's one down, one more to go
At the night club
That guy on the photo looks like the jazz player ghost
Talking to Jambalaya Records owner
For ghosts to pass through the gate, Lauren and the ghost need to pull Joey's tie which is a conduit
Talking to Mitchell about the killings
Unfortunately, Joey cannot help his medium friend, only watch and hope for the best
Tricking the Countess who's already gone cuckoo
Gameplay trivia
Unlockable bonuses
Unlockable voiceover bloopers
Unlockable voiceover directing audio files
Concept sketch for the promotional poster
Lauren with a cigarette concept sketch
The C Sharps band photograph concept art
Johnny Ivory's location sketch
Sprite design for Lauren character