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Softonic (2010)
Borderlands is an outstanding game that plays as good as it looks.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Feb 01, 2011)
At only $50 the game is an excellent price compared to the length and depth of play you will get out of it. The gameplay is rock solid, shooting gloriously smooth, graphics great, sound pleasing, and co-op awesomely entertaining. When you finish the main game, you have all the DLC to keep you entertained. Whether you are a hardcore shooter fan, an RPG devotee, or someone new to blasting things in the face, there is absolutely no reason you should not be playing this game right now. Buy it.
Games4Mac (2010)
Top Titel auf dem Mac! Trotz kleinerer Mängel ist Borderlands für mich der Titel des Jahres 2010. Tolle Grafik, Sucht erregendes Spielprinzip und ein grandioser Koop-Modus machen den aktuellen Feral-Shooter zur absoluten Kaufempfehlung! Zum Preis von 40 Euro können Action begeisterte Mac-Spieler hier fast nichts falsch machen!
Appletell (Feb 06, 2011)
In the end, then, how you feel about Borderlands Game of the Year Edition will depend upon how you feel about getting bigger guns and killing bigger enemies. The story is fine, I suppose, but it never tries to be Bioshock. This is an action game meant to be played with friends…or with total strangers; whoever you can find online, I suppose. It exists for the thrill alone, and personally, I’m thrilled we’re starting see more games like this on the Macintosh. Although I’m more of a solitary gamer myself, I totally get what makes Borderlands great. And it is great.
Macworld (Dec 08, 2010)
I enjoyed Borderlands’ art style and was especially impressed with how it looked through OnLive. I played the game both on my iMac and with the new OnLive Game System on the office television and was impressed with the resolution. This is also a game that I really feel compelled to return to and keep playing, which is always the mark of a good game. I say this despite wandering around the desert for days like Moses with an uzi. So, the lack of direction, terrible plot, and redundant gun fights were definite drawbacks, as was the lack of incentive to switch classes, but there’s a lot that 2K Games got right here: good art direction, memorable sense of humor, strong RPG elements with good combat, and a really terrific arsenal. Borderlands can be as uneven and unforgiving as the worst dungeon crawler you ever played, but when it’s clicking, the there’s a lot that makes you want to draw that space revolver and charge into the fray.
MacLife (Mar 16, 2011)
Still, none of these are absolute deal-breakers. The application ran flawlessly under Mac OS X 10.6.5. The single-player and LAN modes prove both fun and addictive. There’s decent replay value in being able to choose from four characters, and this game is a must-have for first-person shooter fans who love role-playing elements.