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    Continuing it's annual updates, Championship Manager 2008 delivered enhancements to the match engine and interface as ProZone continued to lead the way providing unrivaled in-game analysis and depth of information. All sat on top of a 25% bigger database composed of 27 playable nations including the Australian league who's pre-season was also given a major overhaul as players were provided with pre-season competitions, player and salary caps, player limits and a requirement to properly register your squady

    Starting from the ground up youth player reports were introduced to help identify up-and-coming targets within the user’s squad. Training was also simplified to allow owners to mould the way a player played, even going as far to push them to adapt to playing in a new position. . There was plenty to think about before the season was even underway, but you weren't alone as staff could provide you with recommendations in all areas from who to sign to contract renewls.

    Match day saw the introduction of a new video-style camera giving managers the ability to see the surrounding context for an event, allowing more insight into the cause and effect of major incidents within the game. During the 90+ minutes changes were also introduced, including a match possession bar which present users with changes over time and highlighting major incidents such as goals, bookings, etc as the engine continued to improve delivering more realistic football on the pitch as every player had 32 "tendencies" that determined how players performed on matchday.

    More visual feedback was also introduced, tilting/Leaning/Diving icons were used to detail what was happening on the pitch, players fitness could also be dynimically viewed over the course of the match.

    Away from the pitch the transfer system was adjusted to ensure more realistic pricing of players based on reputations and performance, along with improved loan terms ensuring that managers had a more realistic chance of getting the talent they wanted. The media system too saw revisions as pre-match previews highlighting key players within the opposition as well as any past performance or history between the two teams.

    As with all versions of the game efforts were made to bring the game inline with the ever changing real world of football, including dual hosting for the European Championships, dynamic FIFA rankings, improved seeding for major international tournaments and the selection of captain.

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