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Atari Australia website - Windows:
    Championship Manager: Season 03/04 is the greatest simulation of football management ever. The game showcases a whole host of new features and improvements including four new leagues, a pre-game database editor, the ability to view previously saved matches and updated player, team and competition data for the 03/04 season.

    The game features 43 countries, the ability to play across more than 100 divisions, a database of more than 200,000 footballers from around the world, and stats rated by an army of more than 2,500 researchers. Once again, Ex-Liverpool player and regular TV pundit Ray Houghton has acted as the game’s consultant to provide the ultimate in accuracy and authenticity. Championship Manger: Season 03/04 promises to be the most addictive game in the series.

    Championship Manger: Season 03/04 boasts a more intuitive training system, now handled on a single, clearly designed screen. The match engine has also been improved, with more commentary, better AI, weather effects and the inclusion of visual status indicators. Further improvements include: stronger scout reports (both player and team), superior injury news as well as an updated rehabilitation system.

    Gameplay has been improved with more frequent and informative feedback, a pre-game database editor which allows the player to maintain the database themselves and the ability to view the relationships between players. Championship Manger: Season 03/04 also allows players to print off screens from the game, and view information about past meetings, goal of the month and season awards.

  • Updated data for the 03-04 season
  • Updated competition structures for the 03-04 season
  • More intuitive Training system – CM4 was confusing for users and they have taken feedback on this to ensure it is easier
  • In game printing – this was not available in CM4, was in previous games
  • Improved Match engine – More commentary, Better ai, Weather effects on the pitch (which also effects ai)
  • Pre-game database editor – full database editor to edit stats, the player can keep up to date themselves.
  • Live Cup Draws – screen to watch, brought back from previous
  • B & U21 International Caps
  • Improved media module, the game now gives you more feedback than ever before
  • Four New nations competitions over and beyond the original CM4 release (as added in CM4 Enhancement packs)*
  • Past Meetings information screen (which will display a league table showing results between two teams)
  • Player to player relationships (ie. indication of players and their relationships to other players, effects moral)
  • Improved scout reports (both player and team)
  • Improved injury news

    Contributed by Xoleras (66795) on May 17, 2004.