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Chuck Yeager's Air Combat Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Select from several type of flying from missions, test flights, and head to head on Mac
Test flight choose your plane
Several options for levels of detail
Options for head to head and screen performance
Throttle at 100% tail up heading down runway
Gear up sweeping back over airfield
Over head map view
Looking down on airfield from left wing view
Out of plane flyby view during flight
Check six from the P-51D
Another out of the plane view called circle that rotates around your plane during flight
Select a combat mission WW II, Korean War, or Vietnam. Let’s select Escort heavy B-17’s
Shows performance stats before mission to help you plan tactics and strategy
You start in the thick of action. Heavy B-17s 3:00 o’clock low with the BF-110’s just above so pouring on the coal to full power to slide in on the BF-110’s six o’clock.
The BF-110’s didn’t see me and down he goes and Chuck Yeager provides his congrats on the kill.