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atari breakout

The Colony Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Splash screen--not very splashy, but I guess back in 1988 that was the best they could do.
Title screen. The stars in the background are animated as if you were approaching them.
The game starts in the cockpit. The lights are out.
This is the ship's reactor. The core's depleted--you'll have to bring a new one from the colony.
You'll see this when using control panels or as an anti-piracy method when loading saved games.
Outside the ship, being attacked by aliens. The cube in the background is the colony's entrance.
Here's another alien, waiting for you at the colony's airlock. They come in all shapes and sizes.
A message left on one of the many computers you'll encounter, giving you a clue.
To the right is one of the Queens. Kill it and all the aliens on that level revert back to eggs.
Sliding down a tunnel. It's fun!
This is the truck lifter. You'll need it to take the cryo-chambers and the core back to the ship.
Driving the truck. In front of you, one of cryo-chambers where the children sleep.
Entering a teleporter pod. You can carry those things with the truck and save a lot of trouble.
The reactor room at the colony's deepest level. Guess what? The Mother Queen is here too. Good luck!
Here's a shot of the little-know version for color Macs