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Polygon (Jul 31, 2014)
Divinity: Original Sin seems to pride itself on embracing these contradictions — complex yet approachable, nostalgic yet modern, cliché-ridden yet strange and singular in so many ways. It captures the feeling of a classic '90s PC RPG but simultaneously turns each assumption about plot, setting and combat mechanics on its head. I never expected a tiny, Kickstarter-backed team in Belgium to create one of the deepest and most unforgettable games I've played all year. But Original Sin clearly isn't playing to expectations.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Jul 11, 2014)
Kaikki tämä ynnäytyy lopulta kokonaisuudeksi, joka kutkuttelee vanhan roolipelaajan hermoja kaikilla hyvillä tavoilla. Se ei tyydy apinoimaan menneiden legendojen saavutuksia, vaan ottaa niiden hyviä puolia luodakseen oman versionsa. Aivan täydellinen se ei ole, mutta käsitykseni mukaan Larian on edelleen ahkerasti luomassa uutta sisältöä ja korjaamassa bugeja. Maailma tulee myös elämään ja monipuolistumaan jatkossa valtavasti, sillä mukana tuleva editori mahdollistaa omien seikkailujen ja karttojen rakentamisen massoille.
APGNation (Jul 06, 2014)
Over all, I actually had a lot of fun playing Divinity: Original Sin. I think that this RPG has a lot to offer gamers who are fans of oldschool western RPG’s like Baldur’s Gate or Diablo and those who are fans of the mod community.
Paste Magazine (Jul 29, 2014)
Original Sin wears its references on its sleeve so much that it is mostly sleeves, but the whole-cloth mechanical additions are worth paying attention to. If you like tactical gameplay, then Divinity: Original Sin is a solid experience. If you want amazing writing that doesn’t read like licensed Dungeons and Dragons fiction, look elsewhere.
Trusted Reviews (Jul 15, 2014)
With more than 80 hours of gameplay and a toolkit to create your own levels Divinity: Original Sin harks back to the golden age of single player RPGs. This is a very good thing. If you’re tired of the raft of hack-and-slash or first-person fantasy games out there then it’s definitely worth giving the barrel of fun that is Divinity: Original Sin a go. If you’ve never played games like Baldur’s Gate or Ultima before then you might even discover a genre that you’ll adore forever.
80 (Jul 07, 2014)
Divinity Original Sin arrive à innover (coop roleplay, gestion des éléments) tout en restant old school. Parfois trop old school même, quand l'interface n'arrive pas à suivre la masse de mécanismes développés par Larian. Grâce à ses combat tactiques jamais ennuyeux et son univers plein de charme, Divinity séduira sans mal les amateurs de RPG et même les néophytes, malgré quelques défauts. Mais surtout, on ne peut s'empêcher d'en vouloir plus ! Le cycle jour/nuit et la météo auraient vraiment rendu vivant ce petit monde, et je veux absolument, absolument, un mode Maître de Jeu pour ce titre au coop déjà bien fun, mais toujours limité. Larian, ne passez pas à autre chose, complétez ce jeu, refaites un kickstarter, je paye !
Financial Post (Jul 12, 2014)
And that's really Divinity: Original Sin'ss biggest challenge. It's a wildly innovative and ambitious game wrapped up in luscious visuals and audio that will tantalize casual action RPG players. But a high level of difficulty combined with a willful exclusion of the sorts of amenities that tend to make geekier games accessible to the wider masses will likely prove an Achilles' heel to broader success. I suspect Larian Studios is cool with that, though. The music and film worlds are full of people who refuse to pander to the masses, and the better talents among them seem to do just fine in terms of finding small but loyal audiences to sustain them. Larian Studios is carving out a similar space in the realm of games.
Just Adventure (Nov 14, 2014)
After playing for about 60 hours (yeah, I really wanted to like this game), I realized it felt like I’d spent 40 of those hours moving flowers and boards and clams from one character’s inventory into another. Yes, the flowers and boards and clams can be used in crafting, but no, it isn’t worth the trouble. Playing Divinity: Original Sin is fun like cleaning the underside of your platform bed is fun. I realized this and stopped playing the game.