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Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition Credits

Duke Nukem Atomic Edition Team

Original ConceptTodd Jason Replogle, Allen H. Blum III
Project Leader / DirectorGeorge Broussard ("Frame rate sucks")
Producer / DirectorGreg Paul Malone II
Assistant DirectorAllen H. Blum III ("Done. Next?")
Executive ProducerGreg Broussard
Game ProgrammingTodd Jason Replogle ("How's the game running?")
Additional ProgrammingMark Dochtermann, Jim Dosé
3D Build Engine / Tools / NetworkKen Silverman
Map DesignAllen H. Blum III ("Nice Hat!"), George Broussard ("Keyboarder"), Randall S. Pitchford II ("DuvalMagic"), Keith Schuler ("Duke maps are easy")
3D ModelingChuck Jones, Sapphire Corporation
Additional 3D ModelingDouglas R. Wood
ArtworkStephen A. Hornback, Dirk A. Jones, Brian Martel, James Storey, Douglas R. Wood
Additional Game ArtDavid Demaret, Douglas R. Wood
Cover IllustrationRobert Grace
Graphic DesignRobert M. Atkins, Michael P. Hadwin
Music and Sound EffectsLee Jackson, Robert Prince
Voice TalentLani Minella-ProMotions Prod. Co, Jon St. John (as Duke Nukem)
Special Thanks to:Steven Blackburn, Scott Miller, Joe Siegler, Terry Nagy, Colleen Compton, Kevin B. Green, Bryan Turner, Dennis Desmeth, Brett Young, all the 3D Realms beta testers

MacOS Version by Lion Entertainment, Inc.

ProducerDouglas Grounds
ProgrammingGlenda Adams, Douglas Grounds
ArtworkBrian McLean
Music Score Remix and Digital Conversion Town Sounds

Published and Distributed by MacSoft

Executive DirectorPeter Tamte
Product ManagerAl Schilling
Testing Manager and Macintosh DocumentationNate Birkholz
MarketingCindy Swanson, Robert J. Bussey

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (25879)