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Headbone press release (May 11, 1995):

    Headbone ships new CD series "What the Heck will Elroy do Next?"

    Sega to get "Elroy" adventure series on retail shelves this month

    Los Angeles (May 11, 1995) -- Headbone Interactive added to its growing CD-ROM library today with the arrival of Elroy, a precocious boy adventurer, and his trusty bloodhound, Blue. Elroy and Blue are the stars of the first title, Elroy goes Bugzerk, in Headbone's What the Heck will Elroy do Next? Series, an interactive comic adventure for ages 7-12 . "Elroy" was unveiled today in Booth #1219, South Hall at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The product released for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, is distributed exclusively by Sega of America, and will be available in retail stores by the end of May.

    In Elroy Goes Bugzerk, kids join Elroy and Blue in a race against time to win the 10th Annual Big City Insectathon. Thuggish archrival Gordon Smugs has a giant head start and Elroy's only hope is to capture the wily Technoloptera, the cyberbug of his dreams. Though Elroy is a smart kid, in order to catch the Technoloptera and win the grand prize, he needs help uncovering scores of facts about the insect world and overcoming a steady stream of obstacles. As the adventure story unfolds, players find themselves chasing chickens, trapped in a maze of caves, baking a cake, stranded on an island, and finally negotiating with the mighty Technoloptera.

    Many are saying Elroy Goes Bugzerk feels like a modern version of a classic cartoon: off-beat humor, colorful animation set against stunning photographic backgrounds, spunky characters, and mind-expanding challenges work together to deliver a ground-breaking approach to interactive entertainment. At each turn in the plot's development, players are confronted with gaming challenges that require knowledge accumulation and deductive reasoning skills. With more animation than a feature length film and over a dozen different endings, Elroy Goes Bugzerk keeps even the most cunning 8-year olds engaged and returning to play.

    First in a series of CD-ROMs starring Elroy and Blue

    Elroy and Blue are the cornerstone characters of Headbone's What the Heck will Elroy Do Next? series. The second title in the series, Elroy Hits the Pavement, is due out later this year.

    "We like to think of the Elroy series as the Hardy Boys of CD-ROM," said Susan Lammers, founder and president of Headbone Interactive. "Within each episode, kids find Elroy and Blue in the midst of another sticky situation riddled with challenges that can only be resolved with their help. Our testing in more than ten elementary schools bears out the promise that kids identify with Elroy, actively engage in the story, love to come to Elroy's rescue, and best of all, learn alot in the process." Lammers continued, "In both What the Heck will Elroy do Next? and the Gigglebone Gang series, our intention is to develop endearing characters that kids grow to identify with and love. We're already seeing that kind of positive character association to Bunji the Frog in AlphaBonk Farm."

    AlphaBonk Farm, for ages four and up, was released in late 1994 to critical (parental) and customer (kid) acclaim. It was accorded the approval of the Parent's Choice Foundation for its high entertainment, educational, and production values; Family PC magazine had this to say about AlphaBonk Farm: "Headbone sets itself apart...with its sense of humor; a bright mixture of photographs, animation, music and illustrations; and a new level of interactivity." MacHome Journal said, "Kids will stick to it for hours and come back for more the next day. It's my new favorite CD-ROM."

    Coming Soon from the GiggleBone Gang

    Coming soon will be the second title in the GiggleBone Gang series, Pantsylvania, where the GiggleBone Gang takes Social Studies and turns it on its head bone. Pantsylvania is a mythical town where all the people and animals wear fancy pants. Kids visit ten different places in the town where they can participate in more than fifty activities such as making a volcano, conducting an opera, experimenting in Rotten Wrench's mad scientist lab, or playing dress-up in the House of Beauty. Pre-schoolers will spend countless hours expanding their imaginations as they play in Pantsylvania.

    Headbone Products Distributed by Sega of America

    As one of only three independent PC CD-ROM labels in Sega of America's affiliate label program, Headbone will be able to take advantage of the game maker's strong channel support and vast reach into more than 20,000 retail outlets including emerging CD-ROM channels such as bookstores, computer outlets, and educational computer resellers.

    "We think Headbone represents the best in the new generation of small software companies which concentrate their efforts on developing top-notch children's software. By signing with us they have acknowledged that no one knows how to penetrate the retail software channels like Sega," said Len Ciciretto, Sega of America's group vice president of sales.

    Elroy Goes Bugzerk for Mac/Windows carries SRP of $49.95.

    System requirements for Windows-based personal computers is a 486sx-25 or higher processor, 640x480 256-color display, 8 MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, speakers and mouse. For Macintosh users, any Mac with 68040-25MHz processor or better, System 6.07 or higher, 8 MB RAM with 2500K available, 640x480 256-color monitor, and double speed CD-ROM drive.

    Headbone Interactive, Inc. -- headquartered in the heart of Seattle's alternative arts scene -- was formed in 1993 with the goal of becoming the premier producer of original, energetic, off-beat programs for home consumers. The company intends to gain a share of the growing multimedia market through its compelling products and creative sales and marketing efforts.

    For more information, or to order Elroy Goes Bugzerk, call Headbone Interactive at 1-800-267-4709.

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