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Elroy Goes Bugzerk Credits

All of These People Helped Elroy Go Bugzerk!

Produced byScott Hudson
Directed byScott Hudson
Technical DirectorK. Camille Nims
Executive ProducerSusan Lammers
AnimatorsRoman Laney, Chuck Gamble, Charlie Canfield
Production AssistantsValerie Broatch, Brian Ainslie
WritersScott Hudson, Elizabeth Heffron
Characters Created byScott Hudson
Characters Designed byRoman Laney, Chuck Gamble, Charlie Canfield
VoicesDavid Scully (Elroy, Gordon Smugs, Father, misc. newscasters), Robert Zenk (Blue, Old Farmer, Nick, misc. newscasters), Krisha Fairchild (Technoloptera, Riddle Machine 2, Norma, Mother, mics. newscasters)
PhotographyAbrams Lacagnina Photography
Photocollage and ProcessingValerie Broatch
Location ScoutingJerry Chin, Valerie Broatch
Sound EffectsDoug Brody, Discovery Park Sound
MusicDoug Brody
Sound EngineersBrian Ferguson (Discovery Park Sound), Jason DeVore (AUDISEE)
Sound EditingValerie Broatch, Brian Ainslie
ProgrammersLovi├ža Callisti, K. Camille Nims, Lisa Bickerstaff, Tim Bertram
TestingCabell Breckenridge, Brian Ainslie, Valerie Broatch
Package DesignBecky Sundling
Package ProductionBecky Sundling, Brian Ainslie, Roman Laney
Packaging Production ManagerDarcie Furlan
Documentation WritersCabell Breckenridge, Sarah Berry
Special ThanksAUDISEE, Rob Brown, Jim Shoemaker, Woodridge School, Nancy Kenagy, Montlake School, Bush School, Jon Gierlich, Michael Gross, Louie Hallie, Miranda Hudson, Jeff McCord, Patrice McSherry, Jason Michael Taylor Roos, Michael Weaver, Carl Jaeger, Waverly Jaeger, Brian L. Raiter

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (223920)