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Escape the House Trivia (Macintosh)

Escape the House Macintosh The main menu.


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There are three distinct acoustic guitar pieces that are heard it varying points within the game, titled "creepy," "Outside theme," and "03 Track 03" in the game's "source" folder. In the "Info" section of the game's Main Menu it is noted that the outside theme is, in fact, an acoustic cover of the song "Blackbird" by the British band, the Beatles. In potential homage to this fact the song features periodic tweeting of birds throughout it. The "Info" section also notes that "Track 03" is the actual title of the third song in the data folder, which was written when the game's creator was only 9. It is worth noting that while the other two songs have creation dates of early 2011, "Track 03" appears to have been originally recorded in the Summer of 2009.

Because all three of the game's music files are stored as unencrypted MP3 files they can easily be listened to outside of Escape the House using a media player.

The song "creepy" that plays in the Main Menu of the game and continues for the duration of the game spent by the player in the house begins with what initially sound like footsteps and the slamming of a door. While this matches the tone both of the game and its opening menu, which features a very simple house with no windows and a single lock on the front, it is likely that this is unintentional. The footstep sounds continue throughout the song and are more likely the sound of a metronome or similar device meant to help the creator keep time while playing, while the slamming of the door is likely incidental background noise, as other unrelated noises (such as the artist's clicking of the mouse to end the recording) have also been kept in.

Contributed by Zeppin (8422) on Mar 17, 2012. -- edit trivia