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Advertising Blurbs

Electronic Arts UK website - Windows:

    Freedom Force’: Earth's Strangest Super Heroes!

    Evil incarnate in the form of Lord Dominion lurks just beyond another dimension, intent on absolute supremacy of the entire universe. In a diabolical plot to have Earth destroy itself, Lord Dominion schemes to unleash the awesome might of his Energy X on an unsuspecting populace.

    But never fear, players can form, train and lead Freedom Force, a team of 14 original comic book heroes capable of standing toe-to-toe against Lord Dominion and his dastardly villains. Set in the Silver Age of comics, the game features both an intense 3D tactical battle engine and a rich RPG system.


  • First PC title to bring fully realised, original heroes to life in an interactive RPG world.

  • Over 25 unique heroes and villains, all with their own unique voices, personalities and attributes.

  • Control a squad of 4 individual characters - dozens of amazing character animations bring each hero to life.

  • Uphold justice with over 23 missions that offer a variety of gameplay from foiling a bank robbery to rescuing a captured hero.

  • Missions are based in real New York City locations including Central Park, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

  • Intense 3-D tactical battle engine with fully destructible environments - destroy buildings and then use the debris to attack enemies.

  • "Mod" element allows players to completely customise and/or create their character and even create their own personal "skins".

  • Breakthrough character RPG skill system allows players to juggle stats, pump up powers, recruit new heroes and develop existing heroes based on experience gained in tactical missions.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on Jun 15, 2004.

Press Release:


    REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 26, 2002 – Pow! Bam! Crash! Villains Beware! A team of unlikely heroes known only as “Freedom Force” has arrived to protect the citizens of Patriot City from the evil Lord Dominion. Heroic force will be called upon as EA and Crave Entertainment today announced that they have begun to ship the comic-inspired tactical Role Playing Game Freedom Force’ for the PC.

    Flashing back to the Silver Age of comic books, players can form, train and lead Freedom Force, a team of 14 original comic heroes sent to Patriot City, to foil Lord Dominion’s scheme of having the planet Earth destroy itself. The game consists of 22 unique missions, the majority of which will require a squad of four heroes such as the patriotic leader “Minuteman,” the powerful “ManBot” and the fiery “El Diablo.”

    A fully featured RPG skill system rewards strategic heroes by allowing players to juggle stats, pump up powers, recruit new heroes and strengthen existing heroes based on experience accumulated in tactical missions. The game’s enhanced “mod” element allows players to completely customize and/or create their own unique heroes and personal “skins.”

    Freedom Force is equipped with up to four-player online/LAN multiplayer support, including support for the GameSpy Arcade player matchmaking service. Freedom Force for the PC is developed exclusively by Irrational Games and carries a “T” (Teen) rating from the ESRB and MSRP of US$39.99. For more information on Freedom Force, visit the official product website at: ABOUT CRAVE ENTERTAINMENT Based in Los Angeles, California, Crave Entertainment is a privately held publisher of videogame entertainment products. The company's best-selling line-up features top brands and franchises such as Ultimate Fighting Championship and Tokyo Xtreme Racer. Crave produces games for the major console platforms including Game Boy® Advance, Nintendo GameCube’, the PlayStation® game console, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox’ video game system from Microsoft, and for the PC. For more information about Crave Entertainment, please visit

    ABOUT ELECTRONIC ARTS Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts posted revenues of more than $1.3 billion for fiscal 2001. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for the Internet, personal computers and video game systems. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTS, EA GAMES, EA SPORTS BIG’ and EA.COM. More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at


    Contributed by skl (1138) on Mar 01, 2004.

Inside Flaps:

    Lead the Fight for Freedom!

    From the Creators of System Shock 2

    Battle 10 ruthless villians and their horde of evil minions.

    Survive intense tactical battles in fully destructible environments.

    Design your own hero skins and customize their abilities with the incredible super-power creator!

    Utilize a robust RPG skill system to let you build up your hero's stats and abilities.

    Undertake a wide variety of missions - from fighting marauding dinosaurs to defeating a rogue Greek god.

    Take the fight for freedom online in a 4-person multiplayer battle royal.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69260) on Apr 20, 2003.

Back of Box:

    The Fate of the World is in Your Hands

    From a distant corner of the galaxy, an evil alien race sets in motion a sinister plan to conquer the Earth. They unleash a powerful catalyst - Energy X - that imbues the planet's worst miscreants with super-powers to bring the planet to its knees. Now Earth's only hope lies with a new breed of heroes ... The Freedom Force!

    A Heroic Tactical RPG!

  • Command a squad of comic book heroes in the defense of Patriot City.

  • Choose from over a dozen heroes or create your own comic champions.

  • Fight for freedom in over 20 action-packed missions.

  • Restore order in a completely interactive 3D world.

  • Take your heroes online and join the fight in multiplayer mode.

    Are you hero enough?

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69260) on Apr 20, 2003.