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90 (Sep 28, 2012)
FTL er helt klart et af de federe spil der har ramt indie-scenen i de sidste par år, og der er så mange timers underholdende og udfordrende spil i det, at jeg vil mene, at de kunne tage det dobbelte for det, og det ville stadig være pengene værd. Jeg ved da, at jeg selv har sænket de første mange timer i det, og det ville undre mig hvis jeg ikke havde mange til gode endnu.
90 (Oct 04, 2012)
Faster Than Light, c'est un rêve d'enfant devenu jeu vidéo. Aux commandes d'un tas de ferraille et de son équipage, vous commencerez par bomber le torse comme un gamin de 10 ans en tirant à vue. Puis la dure réalité des espaces infinis vous rattrapera, vos décisions coûteront des petites vies en pixel et vous finirez commandant en chef de votre propre échec. Mais c'est aussi et surtout parce qu'il malmènera votre innocence que vous allez aimer FTL.
Polygon (Sep 21, 2012)
When those pensive synth strains of the soundtrack start seeping out of your speakers and you try to decide on what planet you'll start your journey, the only thing you can count on is the fiery death you're probably hurtling towards. Most playthroughs of FTL end the same way, but this pulse-poundingly vital, consistently surprising game manages to make death feel like merely the beginning of another great adventure.
DarkZero (Oct 10, 2012)
FTL: Faster Than Light is the vision of gamers and sci-fi enthusiasts fully realised, and is fast becoming my most recommended game of the year. So go get it!
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Oct 23, 2012)
In conclusion, FTL: Faster Than Light is an innovative, creative, and challengingly addictive game that's both approachable for casual gamers, and engaging for hard core nerds and gamers who want to imagine themselves in the Captain's Chair of the ship of their dreams. The many unlockables, including achievements, ship classes and ship layouts, provide for a large amount of replay value, making this game a stellar value for the money ($10 direct from the developers with a redeemable Steam key, and $9.99 on GOG with extras). The graphics, soundtrack and sound effects of the game are firmly rooted in the 16-bit SNES/Genesis-style neo-retro chic of many indie games today. It's not for everyone, but it ultimately fits the game's core mechanic.
Edge (Sep 21, 2012)
Like Spelunky before it, survival often depends on what you’re carrying, and when you happen across life-prolonging shops and lucky weapon drops. But FTL is a less masterful game than Derek Yu’s cave diver, throwing more chance into the mix. While Spelunky almost always offers the opportunity to overcome bad luck with skill, FTL can occasionally feel punishing, allowing you to limp from one harsh fight directly into another. Its text-based events are a double-edged sword, too: they entice with their talk of alien worlds, but cabin fever sets in when you realise you’re confined to quarters and the missions start to repeat after a few hours. We’d love to join our crew on their adventures, and to see more events added to prolong FTL’s captivating core play. Make it so, Subset Games.
Chip Power Play (Nov, 2012)
Der erste Eindruck hat mich begeistert: Auf der Flucht vor den Rebellen suche ich nach neuen Herausforderungen, liefere mir Gefechte mit Aliens, sacke Schrottteile ein und rüste mein Raumschiff mit neuen Systemen und Waffen aus. Verglüht mein Pott im Weltraum, knirsche ich mit den Zähnen, denn die Lebenserwartung hängt auch von einer guten Portion Glück ab. Nach ein paar Stunden unkompliziertem Spaß macht sich eine gewisse Ernüchterung breit. Die Aussicht auf neue Schiffstypen, Waffen und Boni reicht nicht, um für Langzeitmotivation und Abwechslung zu sorgen. Für einen Mittagspausen-Weltraumausflug zwischendurch ist das Spiet toll, aber langfristig fesselt es mich nicht wirklich.