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Gangland Credits


ProducersBenedict Ødemotland, Adam Gregersen
Line ProducersHenrik Münther, Andreas Ammitzbøll
Game DesignersAdam Gregersen, Benedict Ødemotland
Additional DesignersAndreas Ammitzbøll, Henrik Münther, Jacob Nordahl
Lead ProgrammerHenrik Münther
ProgrammersHeine Gundersen, Mikael Garde Nielsen, Michael Rasmussen, Mads Parviz Nyholm, Lasse Jul Nielsen, Dino Christian Patti, Mikkel Fennestad, Odin Jensen
Lead ArtistAndreas Ammitzbøll
ArtistsTimothy Evison (The Bastard), Thomas Finn, David Nilsson, Mogens Skjold Overbeck, Timmi Klügel
Level DesignersAndreas Ammitzbøll, Adam Gregersen, Dino Christian Patti, Jacob Nordahl
ScriptersDino Christian Patti, Lasse Jul Nielsen
Sound ProducerHeine Gundersen
Sound FXDavid Filskov (Epic Sound)
Voice Casting & DirectionLani Minella (AudioGodz)
Voice TalentsChris Wilcox, David Rivas, Jon St. John, Lani Minella, Marc Biagi, Ryan Drummond, Bill Corkery
Music Composed byThomas Finn
Music Produced byThomas Finn
Lead TesterJacob Nordahl
Game BalancingAndreas Ammitzbøll, Henrik Münther, Benedict Ødemotland, Bjarne Svanberg
Quality AssuranceAbsolute Quality Inc.
QA ManagerCalvin Grove
Project LeadEric Konzal (Da Cap'M)
Project SecondFran Katsimpiris
TestersJoe Aliberti, Nathan Briggs, Dan Gleason, John Kuhn, Matt Kutrik, Timothy Lamb, Clint McCaul, Anthony Sideris, Paul Stone
Compatibility Lead TesterNathan Conn
External Beta‑TestersAnders Vinderslev, Anders Højgaard, Andreas Møller, Andreas Brink, Bjarne Svanberg, Henrik Aamann, Jan Rækby Pedersen, Kim Laugesen, Mikkel Gjøl, Nikolaj Brodersen Hansen, Nikjil Patel, Thomas Sørensen, Thomas Højgaard
Marketing & Public RelationsChristian Majgaard, Jacob Nordahl, Adam Gregersen, Benedict Ødemotland
Managing DirectorChristian Majgaard
Founders of MediaMobstersAdam Gregersen, Benedict Ødemotland, Christian Majgaard
Mac Version Published ByVirtual Programming Ltd.
Mac Version Coded ByMichael Trepka
Cover Art and Packaging LayoutTodd Young (3rd nipple), Thomas Evans (the cucumber)
Technical Support ByNVIDIA, ATI
Eternal Thanks ToGala, Arthur, Ilfur

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zeppin (8419)