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Written by  :  Nick Anweiler (3)
Written on  :  Feb 22, 2009
Platform  :  Macintosh
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DO NOT BUY! Not yet at least!

The Good

I LOVE THIS GAME IF IT WORKED!!!!!! Here are things that play out very well in the Gangland world. I love being able to run around and take over surrounding businesses, its quite fun and difficult at the same time. You always make sure you bring enough people to take care of any guards in the business while having enough at the safe house with the boss.

Love how you progress and work your way up to someone who can just sit in the safe house and call the shots to minions.

The coverage system works very well if you utilize it, usually there is an even better rule than use cover like the guide describes. I find its best to take over as many arms shops as possible, wait to get loads of explosive or dum-dum if you cant get enough explosive, and only recruit machine gunners and just send swarms. Don't forget to crouch.

Love that you get to drive around in the game, even send truck loads of people over to overwhelm a rival. Hate the sloppy driving controls.

its great that you can expand your family not only in goons but in a wife and kids... which you have to protect...

The Bad

Bugs that need to be addressed are the main reason this title is not worth your cash.

It crashes every few minutes... usually right when you make some head way in a level and are starting to eat up cpu power... then it just goes to your wallpaper then desktop. Fun.

Someone actually thought when making this game, "Hey, why do they need a save option? Lets just put random checkpoints that may or may not trigger a save feature?" This in conjunction with the crash rate makes for a HORRIFICALLY frustrating game. And the most upsetting part is these are issues that patches have already been released to fix.... ON PC!!!! They released this game for MAC knowing these problems and DID NOTHING TO FIX THEM!!!! This is highly upsetting, if these problems where fixed it would be at least a 7.5/10 game. But seeing how more often then not you have a crash... I cant even justify giving this game a 2/10.

The Bottom Line

A true let down. Buy this on PC, because it seems mediamobsters has gone under apparently, and I doubt VP games will put out patches for the MAC. A very enjoyable game when it works!