Half-Life 2 Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Main menu
Intro narrative from the G-Man - Wake up and smell the ashes
Point Insertion - game start
City 17 security checkpoint Metro Cops while Dr. Breen rambles his narrative
Level loading attempts to maintain the suspension of disbelief and begins the next level from the exact point of the last
Tossing the can at the Metro Cop earns me a taste of the Stun Baton
The Plaza with the towering Citadel in the distance
Running across roof tops and ledges to evade the Metro Cops
A Red Letter Day - In the lab with Alyx, Professor Isaac and Barney
Sending Alyx through the teleport
Malfunction during my teleport - thanks Lamarr
Barney giving me back my signature weapon the crowbar
The towering Citadel
Crowbar to the rescue citizens
Now I can cap the Metro Cops with my 9mm
Underwater swimming with a crowbar?
A Vortigaunt powering up your HEV Suit
Yuk! Barnacles!
Taking fire from a Hunter-Chopper
Manhacks to make things more interesting
Headcrab rocket impacts in front of me
Headcrab jumping at me
Headcrab zombies
The Airboat
The G-Man at the red barn is always watching
What is that thing flying over?
Metro Cops overrun my position
Second attempt was better with the sentry gun
Incoming rockets!