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Hellcats Over the Pacific Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

The Pilot Selection screen.
The Mission Selection screen. Eight to choose from!
Ready for takeoff. Note the radar blip.
External view - flying low over the airfield.
Tower view - flyby with landing gear extended.
Rear view - a target drone from the "Flight School" mission.
Drone damaged and smoking.
Departing the aircraft carrier.
External view - wingman just ahead.
Enroute to target - notice the cluster of radar contacts.
Bogeys! Your cannon rounds appear as gray dots.
Bogey trailing smoke - he won't last much longer!
They're dropping like flies!
Splash one bandit. Friendly ship fires at another one just astern.
Uh oh - looks like they got your carrier!
Now where are you going to land?