Incoming: The Final Conflict Credits

Rage Credits

ProgrammingIan Moran, Alan Webb, Roy Bannon, Stephen Ward, Kevin Edwards
ArtworkAndy Rixon, Karen Davies, Charles Davies, Paul Broadbent, Simon Street, John Gyarmati, Gary Lamb, Paula Cain
GamedesignScott Johnson, Kristian Ramsay-Jones
DocsScott Johnson, Kristian Ramsay-Jones
SoundStephen Lord
MusicStephen Lord
Project ManagerJohn Heap
Head Of MarketingNeil Critchlow
Sales DirectorIan Richardson
Operations DirectorColin Stokes
Managing DirectorPaul Finnegan
Packaging & Graphic DesignW. Stephen Blower, Ideogram Productions

MacPlay Credits

PresidentMark Cottam
Managing DirectorRon Dimant
Technical DirectorMark Dochtermann
Technical Project ManagerRobert Minnis
Creative DirectorJoshua Smith
Director Of Sales & MarketingHenry Price
InstallerJoel Braby
Quality Assurance LeadDaniel Naruta
Game TestersAshton Anderson, Paul Avers, Chris Barnard, Kevin Goetz, Jeremiah R. Jones, Brad Lees, Donnie Levings, Rupinder Malhotra, Ralph Miranda, Chadd Nervig, Jared Norris, Chuck Sievert, Chanh Tran
Macintosh Conversion TeamThe Omni Group

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Ron Dimant, 51 other games
Mark Cottam, 45 other games
Kevin Edwards, 42 other games
Mark Dochtermann, 35 other games
Karen Davies, 19 other games
Henry Price, 19 other games
Paul Finnegan, 19 other games
Stephen Ward, 18 other games
John Heap, 17 other games
Robert Minnis, 17 other games
Stephen Lord, 17 other games
Andy Rixon, 15 other games
Scott Johnson, 14 other games
Ian Moran, 13 other games
Kristian Ramsay-Jones, 13 other games
W. Stephen Blower, 13 other games
Charles Davies, 13 other games
Chadd Nervig, 13 other games
Daniel Naruta, 13 other games
Simon Street, 12 other games
Joel Braby, 12 other games
Alan Webb, 9 other games
John Gyarmati, 7 other games
Joshua Smith, 7 other games
Paul Broadbent, 6 other games


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Snowball Run, a group of 7 people
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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209311)