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AppleLinks.Com (Jan 12, 2003)
Playing through Incoming on the normal level, I was able to get through the game without dying on too many levels. And, as part of the MacPlay value series (targeted towards casual gamers and older games), that's about right. It harkens back to those great days of yore when arcade machines existed to serve and entertain us.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Oct 29, 2002)
The pros in Incoming far outweigh its cons. Players will enjoy a trip down memory lane as they relive the good old days of senseless violence and explosions. Gameplay is very fast paced and enjoyable, there are many different levels and vehicles to choose from, and both sound a graphics keep up with today's high standards. If you love shooters, and we all do, then you'll love Incoming.
Mac Gamer (Apr 11, 2003)
Just because Incoming is somewhat old doesn't mean one should dismiss the title outright. Despite the title's shortcomings, Incoming is a decent shooter, and one I won't judge too harshly because it doesn't purport to be anything more than that. People looking for an experience akin to some of the arcade offerings of the past should enjoy Incoming. Those looking for a deeper meaning in mission mode or a significant adventure will be disappointed, but if you're a fan of the vintage shooter action of the past, you know better than to look for that plot stuff in your games anyway. While Incoming isn't going to appeal to everyone, for $20 in today's game market, Incoming is a pretty solid title that almost anyone with at least a G3 can run.