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Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures Credits

59 people (57 developers, 2 thanks)

The Desktop Adventures Team

Project LeaderHal Barwood
Game DesignHal Barwood, Paul D. LeFevre, Tom Payne, Wayne Cline
StoryHal Barwood, Wayne Cline
Lead ProgrammerPaul D. LeFevre
Lead ArtistTom Payne
Production ManagerWayne Cline
ProgrammerMark Crowley
Macintosh ProgrammerAaron Giles
Lead TesterReed Knight
Lead Macintosh TesterDana Fong
TestersRachael Bristol, Darren Johnson, Ryan Kaufman, Theresa O'Connor, Dan Pettit, Josef Richardson, Jason Yunker, Sean Matheis (“Alien Abductee”), John Hannon (“Grandpa”), Douglass Scott, Matthew Azeveda, Jo Ashburn (“Captain Tripps”), Erik Ellestad, John Drake, Adam Pasztory, Diane Dybalski


Music & Sound Effects EditingClint Bajakian
Sound Effects EditingLarry The O (Larry the O)
Indiana Jones Theme MusicJohn T. Williams

Compatibility Testing

Lead Compatibility TesterDoyle Gilstrap Jr.


Product Marketing ManagerTom Byron
Package DesignSoo Hoo Design
Public Relations SpecialistTom Sarris

LucasArts Staff

PresidentJack Sorensen
Director of Sales and MarketingMary Bihr
Director of ProductionSteve Dauterman
Director of TechnologyDouglas Scott Kay
Director of ArtCollette Michaud
General CounselRobert S. Roden
ControllerTom McCarthy
Manager of International LicenseesLisa Star
International Production ManagerCindy Leung
International TestingAlbert Chen
Public Relations ManagerSue Seserman
Quality Assurance ManagerMark Cartwright
Quality Assurance SupervisorDan Connors
Manager of Distribution and ManufacturingJason Horstman
National Sales ManagerMeredith Cahill
Non-Technical SupportBarbara Barwood, Venus LeFevre, Tara Reinertson, Anita Crowley, Vera Giles, Matthew D. Russell, Bigrig Industries, Donizetti
Special Thanks toSteven Spielberg, George Lucas

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility TestingJames Davison, Chip Hinnenberg, Creek Hart

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Credits for this game were contributed by Игги Друге (46366)

antstream tournament