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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Indy is going to endure a lot of accidents and falls during the introduction sequence
Seems like the horned statue isn't a fake afterall
Opening intro Indy's office
Bad guys passport he left in his coat
An who the bad guy was looking for Dr. Jones and Sophia
Game start - looking to find Sophia
In game save
Fighting with Biff, the doorman (GOG version)
On the stage (GOG version)
Sophia's presentation
Sophia's office - they must have been looking for something
Another bad guy
Sophia's medallion
At the Iceland dig site
Talking to Dr. Bjorn
Classic Indiana Jones style cut scene for travel to Tikal
Entering the jungle
Well I can't jump it
Talking with Sternhart about exploring the temple
Entering the temple
Travel to the Azores
At Mr. Costa's house
The German laboratory
Coal room at Barnett college
Library at Barnett College
Exploring an artifacts room at Barnett College
Another artifacts room at Barnett College
Plato's Lost Dialogue (GOG version)
Looking for Mr. Trottier in Monte Carlo (GOG version)
Talking to Omar Al Jabbar's associate (GOG version)
No balloon rides for today (GOG version)
It's hard to follow someone through all these crowded streets (GOG version)
Good thing Indy doesn't believe in curses (GOG version)
Leaving the town on a camel (GOG version)
Customs can be bribed if you got things of value to offer (GOG version)
Asking a friendly nomad for directions (GOG version)
An abandoned dig site (GOG version)
It's too dark in here too see anything (GOG version)
Car chase on the streets of Monte Carlo (GOG version)
Indy 1 : Nazis 0 (GOG version)
Arriving to Thera (GOG version)
Exploring Thera island (GOG version)
Kerner got Sophia (GOG version)
DIY balloon (GOG version)
Hunting for German U-boat (GOG version)
Creating a distraction on a submarine (GOG version)
Exploring the island of Crete (GOG version)
Indy's whip is not just for show (GOG version)
Atlantis found... or not (GOG version)