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Mac Game Gate (Jun, 1998)
Well, I really liked it, and if you like adventure like games I am sure you will too. The game contains all necessary elements to keep it alive, and includes many long animations to weave the storyline together. If you want a fast action-pased game this is nothing for you, but if you enjoyed Myst and Riven and want a new world to discover, this might be the right option for you.
The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time is wonderful with its engaging storyline, interesting characters and many puzzles to solve. It sucks you in and keeps you on an exciting and hair-raising ride until you have retrieved all three pieces of the Legacy and solved the final riddle to save Earth. If you have never tried The Journeyman Project series, this is an excellent game to play as an introduction. And, if you have, this is definitely one you won't want to miss.
Mac Gamer (1997)
If I spent a lot of time grumbling about JP3 in this review, it's only because it could have been a truly great game instead of being merely a good one. After all, it has so much going for it--technological innovation, memorable graphics, good production values. Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn't quite measure up to JP3's other qualities--the puzzles are a little too easy, perhaps as a result of the designers' intention to ensure the widest possible popular appeal (not an unworthy goal, to be sure; but too many concessions can dilute the quality of gameplay). Add to that some mediocre acting and uninspired writing, and you have a disappointment, albeit a gorgeous one. That's probably not going to stop the fans of earlier Journeyman Project games from snatching up this one. If you are one of such fans, by all means give the game a try--just don't expect a gaming experience on an epic scale, especially when it comes to the duration of play.
This game would actually get a better review from me if it was a standalone title. However, the cold hard fact is that it is haunted by the ghost of its brilliant predecessor, JP2: Buried in Time. As good and good-looking as JP3 is, it is in no way a superior game to the second in the series. It's much shorter and easier. JP2 was one of the richest, most generous, and fascinating games I've ever played (it's on my top ten list). If JP2 was a beefsteak feast, JP3 is a lovely dish of trifle.
Even with those annoyances, I daresay that anyone who liked RIVEN will like JOURNEYMAN PROJECT 3 LEGACY OF TIME as much, maybe more; it's a better-than-average MYST takeoff. But three years after BURIED IN TIME, it's a disappointment to see this once-innovative series so emphasize style over substance. As recent adventure games have proven, there's no reason we can't have both.
Overall, I'd say that Legacy is a good game. If you're a fan of the JP series, then you should definitely buy this game (but if you are a fan of the series, you probably already have the game by now). If you haven't even heard of the Journeyman Project series, then I suggest you put a little bit more thought into it before buying this game. Hardcore adventure gamers might not like its simplistic puzzles. If you like a good story with a good ending and don't mind the absence of deep, involving puzzles, this might be the game for you. The fact that I have played the second in the series beforehand without a doubt enhanced my enjoyment. But I'm sure it would be just as enjoyable for everyone else.