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King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! Credits


Executive ProducerKen Williams
Creative DirectorWilliam R. Davis Sr.
Game Designer Roberta Williams
ProducerRoberta Williams
Art DesignerAndy Hoyos
Lead ProgrammerChris Iden
ComposersKen Allen, Mark Seibert
DocumentationBridget McKenna
Creative ConsultantWilliam D. Skirvin
ArtistsDeena Benz, Ernie Chan, Jeff Crowe, Richard D. Zeigler-Martin, Tamra Dayton, Dana Moody, Roger Hardy Jr., Douglas Herring, Eric Kasner, James Larsen, Cheryl Loyd, Hector Martinez, Harry McLaughlin, Gerald Moore, Maurice Morgan, Vasken N. Sayre, Jennifer Shontz, William D. Skirvin, Cheryl Sweeney, Barry T. Smith, Cindy Walker, Deanna Yhalkee
ProgrammersChris Iden, Oliver Brelsford, Juan Carlos Escobar, Chris Hoyt, Doug Oldfield, Raoul Said, Robert W. Lindsley
Development SystemDan Foy, Pablo Ghenis, Eric Hart, John Hartin, Robert Eric Heitman, Corey Cole, J. Mark Hood, John Rettig, Larry Scott, Jeff Stephenson
Sound EffectsKen Allen, Mark Seibert

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Credits for this game were contributed by Wizo (29558)