Advertising Blurbs

From the back cover:


    Knight Orc is Level 9's most innovative and fun-packed adventure to date. Set in three parts, it casts you as an oppressed orc in a magical world where all is not as it first seems. For generations humans have been persecuting orcs, and now it's time to get your own back.

    Knight Orc is a challenging game which is truly interactive. Each character leads its own life in the game, and their actions can affect you and the outcome of the adventure. Communication with other characters, learning spells and solving puzzles are all a vital part of the game if you are to escape the mystical world and take revenge on humankind.

    The graphics are marvellous - bright, detailed, and a totally new style from that of previous adventures.


    • Character Interaction: The ability to communicate with and give commands to other characters. You will need to co-ordinate a band of five creatures to complete your quest.

    • The characters each lead independent lives, separately within the game, in search of their own goals.

    • High level commands, e.g. move straight to a named place or follow a named character.

    • Superb quality colour illustrations with digitized pictures on disc versions.

    • New improved language interpreter with multiple command sentences and huge 1000 word vocabulary.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Sep 13, 2001.