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Alternate ending

The game features a series of easter eggs which show each and every one of the girls in a more...uhm, "revealing" form, and if the player manages to score all the points, gets all the easter eggs, and finds all the dildos an alternate ending is unlocked.

Cybersniff 2000

The original version of Love for Sail came packaged with a "Cybersniff 2000" card reminiscent of the "Scratch'n'Sniff" goodie from Infocom's classic Leather Goddesses of Phobos. In certain locations and situations throughout Larry's adventure, the game displays a blinking number to indicate a specific smell. You're supposed to scratch the corresponding square on the card and sniff.

The nine smells:

Square	Smell		Location(s)
1 	Sea breeze	Decks / Mast 
2 	Coconut		Drew / Forward Hold 
3 	Deodorant	             Aft Hold 
4 	Vanilla		Owner's Suite / Smell Handkerchief
5 	Fart		Casino 
6 	Moldiness	             Cabin / Aft Hold 
7 	Fish		Kitchen / Lovemaster 2000
8 	Cheese		Smell Cheese / Smell Mold 
9 	Chocolate	             Desert Room


During the game player can win extra bonus points by uncovering 32 stripy dildos hidden across the ship. This idea was snuck in at the last minute after the game had been passed by quality control.

Logic errors

Players can still use the courtesy phone to talk to Mr. Boning even after he's dead.


  • The music playing at the spa with the Juggs is the same as the title music from Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist.
  • The music that is playing when Larry enters Captain Thygh's room is from Wagner's Tannhäuser. This opera deals with the conflict between physical love and spiritual ideals.


In 1997 there was a German novelization of the game named Die verrückten Abenteuer des Larry Laffer by Steve Whitton (ISNB 3-404-13928-3).

Picture wall

The left wall of the high security hallway leading up to the PMS Bouncy's staff break room is lined with pictures of alleged former winners of Captain Thygh's contest (see screenshots section). These are photos of real-life persons. The most obviously recognizable one is Bill Clinton, President of the United States at the time of Love for Sail's release. But who are the other nine people?

15 years after the game's release, in August 2011, Sierra's Al Lowe, Mark Seibert and Ken Williams recall most of them:

Top row, left to right:

Bottom row, left to right:

On the last two, even the triumvirate has to pass after all these years. If anyone can clear up the mystery, please contribute!


  • All of the names for the babes in Larry 7 (except the final one) are based on real female celebrities:
    • Victorian Principles (Victoria Principal)
    • Dewmi More (Demi Moore)
    • Jamie Lee Coitus (Jamie Lee Curtis)
    • The Juggs (The Judds)
    • Drew Baringmore (Drew Barrymore)
    • Annette Boning (Annette Bening)
    This is a continuation of an idea from the previous game, where all the girls were named after wines.
  • The four men that order a martini in the casino, represents the actors that have portrayed James Bond in the 007 films up to the game's release (except George Lazenby): Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.
  • After Victorian principles changes into "Vicki", you can see that she's playing Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! on her PC.
  • After Larry jumps off the hotel balcony at the start of the game and bounces off the trampoline below, one of the panicked onlookers in the background appears to be dressed like the title character from the popular Japanese manga/anime franchise Sailor Moon. Information also contributed by -Chris, Daniel Albu, Emepol, SlyDante and Unicorn Lynx

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