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Marathon 2: Durandal Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Marathon 2 has one splash screen only. The background track is a fast-paced techno song.
The main menu is a departure from the previous installment.
Marathon 2 features great artwork. This screen opens the first chapter.
That Bob was standing too close to that cyborg when it exploded.
Who doesn't like to shoot bullets and fire grenades at the same time?
An Every Man For Himself net game. Ouch!
Terminals received an overhaul in Marathon 2.
The question: a Pfhor-infested ship. The answer: a rocket launcher.
Here we have an everyone-shoots-at-everybody-else brawl, quite common in the Marathon series.
A Kill The Guy With The Ball net game (the skull is the "ball").
The screen for chapter five is amazing.
This is how it looks when the player picks up the invincibility power-up.
It may not be the fastest or the prettiest, but the alien weapon gets the jobs done.
What collection of Marathon 2 screenshots would be complete without a pic of the dual shotguns?