Marathon Infinity Credits (Macintosh)

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Marathon Infinity Credits


Production ManagerTuncer Deniz
Development ManagerEric Klein
"Blood Tides of Lh'owon" by Double AughtChris Geisel, Greg Kirkpatrick, Randy Reddig
Infinity GraphicsRandy Reddig, David Longo, Colin Kawakami, Beth Ulman
ProgrammingAlex Rosenberg, Jason Jones, Ryan Martell, Alain Roy
Infinity Interface & IconsChris McVeigh
Product AssistanceJay Barry, Jonas Eneroth
Sound DesignAlexander Seropian
Chapter ScreensCraig Mullins
Title ThemePower of Seven
Damage & SpinAlexander Seropian, Doug Zartman, Matthew Soell
The Voice of BobDoug Zartman
DocumentationTuncer Deniz, Alexander Seropian
Packaging13th Floor, Alexander Seropian
Network MapsRandy Redding, Greg Kirkpatrick, David Longo, Tuncer Deniz, Jonas Eneroth, Doug Zartman, Randall Shaw, Bill Ramsey
Forge ProgrammingJason Regier
Additional ProgrammingRyan Martell, Alex Rosenberg, Jason Jones
Quality AssuranceJay Barry, Jonas Eneroth
Forge DocumentationJonas Eneroth, Tuncer Deniz, Jason Regier
Forge Tutorial MoviesChris McVeigh
Anvil ProgrammingMichael Hanson
Anvil DocumentationMichael Hanson
TestingJeremy Henrickson
Cruise DirectorPam Klier
Special Thanksbeta testers, Apple Testing Group, Bart G. Farkas, Kevin Williams, Hamish Sinclair, Chris Jensen
Stuff That Really RulesEven Faster PowerMacs, Photoshop, Claris Emailer, Iomega Jaz, BBEdit, Power Computing, Ehterwaves, T1 lines, Mullins' art
Stuff that Doesn't RuleJunk e‑mail, Censorship, Lame Summer Movies, Mouse Lint, Rich Levine, Massa
Final ThoughtsIs this the end? I guess so. That's too bad. But it's only the beginning. Realy? Sure what the hell. Stop it! Is that really it? I mean really it? Wait and see...

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zovni (10648)