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Marathon Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

This is Marathon's first splash screen. The message is accompanied by an eerie sound effect.
Here we have Marathon's second splash screen. It's accompanied by another eerie sound effect.
This is the main menu. Clicking the logo in the middle plays the sound effect from the first splash screen.
Introduction screen to the first chapter
Your enemies - the Pfhor
First of countless plot and mission messages from the AIs aboard the ship.
Areas aren't always (or even usually) brightly lit.
Combat gets messy.
Some levels take place in depressurized areas, requiring frequent trips to refill your oxygen supplies.
They brought pfhriends.
Nice lighting effects lend to a foreboding atmosphere.
Almost every level has an objective to complete. Here, we're bring this communications dish online.
You can see here the game window at the default 100% size. It shows a little more of the game world (although at a smaller scale) that it does when running at full screen.
Finding (and using) an alien gun later in the game.
Pretty extreme color effects when you get hit.
Weapons have a secondary fire function, like this grenade with the assault rifle.
The engine allows you to look up and down.
Automap available by pressing M.
These floating enemies flicker like static when hit.
Later level chapter intro screen gives us a look at Durandal.
Later levels feature pits and hazards like lava.
It's BOB! BOB says "They're everywhere!"