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Written by  :  Katie Cadet (10095)
Written on  :  Mar 04, 2017
Platform  :  Macintosh
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
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Does this Mario educational typing game really have a use?

The Good

Basically, it does have some positives and negatives as a kid's typing tutor game. The positives are that it does have some good educational value, being a Nintendo license to most of the Super Mario Brothers games on the NES consoles. The voice of Mario really adds a great excitement for young children, and of course, the sound effects and music are just about as a good average in terms of quality. I just want to point out some detail in this game other than what you will find in other current typing tutor programs out there: the colour identification of the keys.

The Bad

Now onto the negatives! First, it wouldn't be good for a teenager or adult despite the game's age rating on the box. Second, you have to type in two spaces in order to go on to the next line. Third, a few of the sound effects could use some improvement in terms of quality. Fourth, The Mario head that you will most likely see in this game is pre-rendered in 3-D as video files. Does this mean that Mario was in a 2-D form back then? I tell ya! This is 90s stuff, and things don't look great in terms of quality as it is today! Finally, most of the artwork in this game is cheaply done!

The Bottom Line

So it is OK to me, I just don't have a taste at this typing tutor game! It should be good for a first grader or second grader, but teenagers and adults who love video game action should look for Creative Wonders' Slam Dunk Typing. Middle-school children should also check out JumpStart Typing as well. But if you like this game and the Mario franchise, then it is no problem to you, I simply can't go any further. This is mostly suitable for young children and you could bring them a Mac OS 9 or Windows 95 PC to play this game if you are a parent reading this review.