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Nox Ad Blurbs (Macintosh)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box (German):

    Besiege Hecunah,
    die Königin der Untoten,
    und regiere das Internet-Schlachtfeld.

    Begib Dich mit Nox, dem rasanten Action-Spiel, in ein Land voll aufregender Abenteuer.

    Drei Spielmodi

    Wähle den Pfad des Kriegers und beweise Kraft und Schnelligkeit. Erlerne die Kunst der Magie und lasse Deine Feinde vor Ehrfurcht erzittern.
    Oder beschreite den Weg des Beschwörers und lasse die wilden Kreaturen Deinem Willen gehorchen.


    In Nox kannst Du sowohl im Einzelspieler- als auch im Multiplayer-Modus Deine eigenen Fallen und Rätsel erstellen. Mit List und Tücke kannst Su es in dieser Welt weit bringen. Stelle Dir vor, Du stecktest einen Gegner in einem Raum voller Giftspinnen oder in ein Lavabecken.

    Sprüche, Waffen und Fähigkeiten

    In Nox gibt es über 50 verschiedene Sprüche, Waffen und besondere Fähigkeiten. Rufe einen blutrünstigen Wolf heran und hetze ihn einem raffinierten Gegner auf die Fersen, beschwöre die Naturgewalten und zerstöre eine Höhle voller Dämonen oder vernichte Deine Gegner mit dem Stab der Vergessenheit.

    Neue "True Vision"-Perspektive

    Eine innovative Kameraführung sorgt für ganz besondere Spannung.


    Spiele auf dem Internet-Schlachtfeld von Westwood Online, schließe Dich mit Freunden zusammen, um die gegnerische Flagge zu erobern, oder eliminiere sie im Eliminationsspiel.

    Interaktive Umgebung

    Versetze Berge, um Wege zu verschließen. Brich Dämme, um Feuersbrünste zu löschen, oder entflamme Pulverfässer und schau' Dir an, wie sich Felsbrocken in tödliche Geschosse verwandeln.

    Sei fies, sei mies, spiel' Nox...

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on Jun 26, 2005.

EA 2000 Product Catalog:
    This is all the action you can handle.


    Spell Combos - Choose from over 100 different spells and weapons to create cunning spell combinations and devious strategies.

    Interactive environments - Unlike most other games in the genre, you can actually move objects around, block passages and break walls down.

    Traps - Cast traps filled with diabolical spell combinations to ambush unsuspecting victims.

    Quests - There are three different paths to follow through this epic quest to beat hecubah, Queen of the Undead.

    Multiplay - Play over the definitive internet battleground, Westwood Online, to either team up with your friends in capture-the-flag or dominate them in deathmatch.

    Contributed by Zovni (10638) on Jan 11, 2002.

Westwood Studios Product Catalog:
    "Nox's fast action is fueled by a combat system that is easy to use, yet gives players tremendous gameplay depth and infinite possibilities."
    - Gamer's Source

    You're a regular 20th century guy cast into a strange world you must save in order to get back to yours. Trickery and deception lurk around every corner. However the evil you face is the evil you must master. You will be schooled in the art of deception. With your new-found skills you must fight for a world that is not your own. Anything is possible in NOX.

  • Easy to use interface, fast paced action and adventure.

  • Quest mode online for cooperative or solo adventures.

  • Multiplayer Arena is deep with strategies or devious and irreverent styles of competition.

  • Innovative True Vision system of Nox sets it apart from the competition.

    Contributed by MAT (200973) on Apr 15, 2001.

Box Cover (back and inside flip-out):
    Three Ways to Play
  • Should you select the Warrior, you can equip and use all manner of swords, battle-axes, war hammers, and chakrum - though you'll leave magical mumbo jumbo up to the Conjurer and Wizard classes. An enchanted weapon is the closest a Warrior get to magic.

  • If a career as Wizard appeals to you, you will explore the mystic art of spell casting, ranging from enemy-confounding illusions to devastating displays of metaphysical force. You'll also learn to set magical traps containing deadly spell combinations to thwart the unsuspecting foe. Although you'll have to renounce the use of ungainly swords and armor in the name of your art, you will still be able to wield a staff as a last-ditch physical defense.

  • Choose the path of the Conjurer, and you will be able to magically charm and summon creatures to do your bidding. You can even create a magical creature called a "bomber" which can wreak sorcerous havoc on your enemies. You'll also get plenty of experience wielding staves and bows to fend off enemies who manage to slip past your defenders.

  • Nox Is Fast Paced Action, Set In A Land Filled With Discovery And Deceit.

    Spells, Weapons & Abilities
    With over 100 different spells, weapons and abilities you can:
  • Crush an Ogre with the Fist of Vengeance!

  • Summon a blood-thirsty wolf to track down a sneaky opponent!

  • Conjure the Force of Nature to destroy a cavern full of ember demons!

  • Traps
    Set traps filled with diabolical spell combinations to ambush unsuspecting victims, such as:
  • Casting an opponent into a pit of lava or a room filled with venomous spiders and man eating bears!

  • Surprise them with an invisible trap that shed their armor and weapons leaving them defenseless for your ultimate attack!

  • Interactive Environment
  • Move rocks to block passages, break barrels of water to put out fires or blow up powder kegs and watch the debris turn into deadly shrapnel.

  • The innovative TrueSight system takes gameplay to an even higher level of suspense and excitement.

  • Multiplay
  • Play over the definitive Internet battleground, Westwood Online.

  • Team up with your friends or dominate them in Arena, Capture the Flag, Elimination, Noxball, and King of the Realm.

  • Contributed by MAT (200973) on Apr 01, 2001.